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Who says you can't doll up during your pregnancy? I'm a huge fan of this dress from Mogra Designs and love the details - the bright color, the gold sequins, and the pom poms! I actually got this dress several months ago but somehow, even during my pregnant state, I'm managing to fit into it. Because it's a loose, open swing dress, it works for all different body shapes and sizes - apparently even pregnant ones! Haha!

In general, I really like Mogra Designs for their collection of fusion wear using traditional Indian garments and prints that are locally sourced and handcrafted. The combination of Indian aesthetics, like the sequins, embroidery and vibrant fabric colors, combined with modern cuts and designs really appeals to me. You could easily wear this outfit for a dressy daytime or evening event.

You can see in the pictures below that I was having real fun swinging around in this dress!

Mogra Design Embroidered Swing Dress (link here) | Shoes from Bangkok | Clutch from India | Earrings from Lovisa 
Hello dear friends! It's been a while since I posted on the blog. Lots of life events were going on that deterred me from dedicating the due time to posting consistently. If you follow me on instagram (@richatiwari81), you'll know that I recently shared some happy news on the personal front: I'm expecting baby #2! So you can imagine why I became distracted away from the blog. I wanted to focus on myself for a little while and at the same time, lots of personal and work travels kept me quite busy!

Anyway, happy to say I'm back and inspired to post again! I just came back from an amazing trip to Hawaii and will be sharing a travel post on that soon (where to go & what to do if you're traveling with kids while still wanting to enjoy yourselves as adults!). I've got a few pregnancy fashion posts coming up soon on work-, party-, and weekend-style as well. So stay tuned!

This is an outfit post from my Hawaii trip. Achieving comfort without looking like a beached whale starts to get more and more challenging once you reach the third trimester of your pregnancy. You're lugging around a heavy weight around your mid-section and you don't feel all that glam. But I find that ASOS has some pretty good maternity clothes which still help you achieve that comfort combined with an everyday style factor. This loose top is super versatile - you can pair it with distressed jeans and sneakers to get a sporty look. Or you can throw on a pair of heels (yes, I am still wearing heels at this stage! I can't let go of my heels!) and a cute purse and make it look a bit more dressy. Needless to say, this top is a wardrobe staple at the moment for me!

Top: ASOS Maternity | Jeans: Zara | Crossbody bag: Fendi | Shoes: Charles & Keith |
Bracelets: Nakamol | Watch: Kate Spade 
Let's face it, whoever came up with the idea of "brunch" was a genius. A weekend brunch where you can lazily start your day and merge two meals, brekkie and lunch, into one mega-meal is pretty awesome. Weekend brunches were a big thing when I lived in NYC, and I can see the brunch culture picking up here in Singapore as well. Each restaurant offers a different type of brunching experience and navigating through the dizzying array of brunch spots is overwhelming! To avoid the potential pitfalls, I've got some basic tips to help you narrow down on the number of options available and to ensure a pleasant brunch experience. Whether it's in Singapore or anywhere you are, allow me to enlighten you with this action plan: 

1. Identify what kind of brunch you're looking for. This is a crucial first step. You might say, "What? I thought brunch is brunch!". You're mistaken, my friend. There's a boozy brunch, "let's catch up" girlfriends brunch, a date brunch, brunch with a huge group of friends, and a kid-friendly brunch for those who really want to torture themselves and bring their kids out with them for a meal. 

The selection criteria for brunch spots is entirely different depending on the type of brunch identified. Why? Because the focus points are different. For example, for kid-friendly brunches, you want a place which will cater to keeping kids entertained. This can be in the form of some outdoor garden or playarea with slides and perhaps provision of crayons and coloring sheets at the dining table. If it's a boozy brunch, you'll seek restaurants which offer deals on drinks, such as bottomless champagne or "2 for 1", etc. If it's a big group of friends meeting up, then you have to find a place that can take reservations in advance otherwise be prepared for long waiting times. And if it's a date or close girlfriends catching up over brunch, then a pretty ambience, a unique location, or stylish decor makes the experience more enjoyable. This isn't rocket science. I'm not stating something you haven't considered before. But so many people ruin what could have been a great brunching experience by not even isolating their needs and requirements at the outset. 

2. Do your research. Assess the menu online in advance if possible. Does it have coffee? Does it have cocktails like mimosas? Does it have pancakes? If yes, you don't really need anything else. (Note: This could be a problem if you don't like coffee, mimosas, or pancakes, in which case you really shouldn't be brunching at all). 

3. Go for a "test drive". When it comes to brunch, only three factors really matter - how great the food is, how well the servers treat you and your party, and how badly you want to go there. Essentially, taste, service, and location. If you find a place that pleases you sufficiently across all 3 fronts, then you're set. Voila, you've found the brunch spot that's right for you! 

Here's me at Dempsey Hill, which used to be old army barracks converted into what is now an area teeming with amazing restaurants. Some of my favorite restaurants in Singapore are located here (Open Farm Community, Blu Kouzina, Chop Suey). Recently, I had brunch at House at Dempsey and just loved the funky interior decor against a lush green backdrop. Food was great too! Definitely recommend it as a kid-friendly, big group, or girlfriend brunch spot - how versatile, no? 

Top, jeans, and pumps from Zara | Earrings from MegaFash | Rebecca Minkoff cross body | Sunglasses from 
Hello dear readers and wish you all a very Happy 2017! With a fresh start of a new year come new hopes, aspirations, motivations, and resolutions. Oddly enough, I haven't really thought about any of these for myself! I guess I've never really believed that you need a new year to make you think about what you want to achieve for yourself. You want to get fit now? Go for it. You want to start taking dance classes? Start now, why wait? You want to build your career further? Do something about it now. I suppose my philosophy basically comes down to this: Why start something tomorrow if you can do it today? My husband makes great fun of me for this "type A, taskmaster" personality of mine. Haha! But it's what keeps me active, productive, and happy.

So on that very resolute, action-oriented note, here's my first blog post of the year! I don't normally wear leather but this faux leather tank paired over a white tee and a classic pair of blue jeans makes for a casual and very wearable weekend look.

Leather tank and white tee: JUBA & Co | Tory Burch Ivy Leopard Crossbody | Bracelet from Lauren Elan Collections
Every girl loves a princess moment. I got mine recently thanks to a collaboration with my blogger friend Kamana from Social and Style and Rent a Dress Singapore. There is a wide variety of different dresses to pick from the Rent A Dress location, and we had a great girly time trying on different outfits! While Social and Style picked an adorable strapless lippy dress, it was instant love for me with this long breezy gown with the lime green color. It certainly stands out from the usual colors that one might pick when attending a holiday party or gala event. For our shoot location, we decided on the iconic Raffles Hotel which ended up providing the perfect backdrop! Blogger photo-taking was then followed by a nice blogger brunch with Social and Style and Suhina from LuxItGirl. Check out what the other girls wore here at this link.

So if you're looking for a diverse selection of dresses, Rent a Dress SG is definitely a great option. At the moment, I'd like to share a 15% off code ‘SOCIALANDSTYLE15’ for any purchases from Rent A Dress SG over $50. With all the holiday events around the corner, you may need to pull out the inner glam goddess in you.
Dress from Rent a Dress SG | Shoes from Charles & Keith |
Bracelets from Jaipur  | Earrings from Bangkok