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5 Must-Have Travel Essentials for Your Face

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As someone who travels often for work and for leisure, I have my packing routine down to a tee. One of the ways I make packing simple is by having a makeup/toiletry bag ready with all the essential travel-sized items. This way, everything is ready to go and I don’t need to think twice about whether I forgot to pack my lipstick, moisturizer or toothpaste.

So here are a few of my recent favorite beauty-related things which I can’t do without when traveling:

1. A comprehensive makeup case: If you’re like me, you probably have a couple different pouches to carry all your toiletry and makeup needs. But how about consolidating them and getting a case that can fit everything? The Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Case is super roomy and able to fit all my makeup and toiletry essentials. I’m talking compact, foundation, lipsticks, toothbrush, toothpaste, travel size face washes & moisturizers, and the bigger bottles and jars! It also has a separate compartment for storing makeup brushes, pencils, and eyeliners. It’s an ultra practical and spacious carrier for all my beauty needs. For all my followers, use code KINZD30 to get 30% off this cosmetic case (available in other colors too) and other products from the website. It is also available on Amazon at this link

2. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser: For day or night use, this cleaner is great for all skin types. I love how my skin feels light and fresh after using it. I even love the smell of it, a very spa-like essence, which makes me like this product even more!

3. Erborian Yuza Double Lotion: This is a Korean brand which I only recently came to know about. A liquid lotion that you put on your face as a moisturizer? Yup, and it works so well! Yuza is a citrus fruit from Jeju Island in Korea. This explains the fresh, cistrusy smell you get from using this product. This lotion moisturizes while still being light on the skin. Highly recommend this for use in hot, tropical climates like Singapore!

4. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair: Let’s face it, I’m no spring chicken. This Estee Lauder product is a night serum that promotes skin renewal and fights signs of aging. I’ve been using it daily and I feel like it gives my skin a dewy glow in the mornings.

5. Nars Powermatte LipPigment: Forgive me for being a bit slow to jump on the Nars bandwagon but wow! This Nars lipstain is amazing, you guys! The color lasts forever….and I mean, FOREVER. I wore it in the morning before leaving for work and it was still on at the end of the day. Pretty impressive! And perfect when you’re traveling and can’t be bothered to carry a lipstick with you everywhere for touchups.

Do try these items out if you can, they're perfect for traveling and keep your face looking fresh and hydrated! Do you have any beauty-related items that you absolutely must have when traveling?

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  1. Try the new Body Shop Sun Screen. It's seriously awesome!

  2. for me its chapstick and my coconut oil.

    1. Ooh, coconut oil - I know it's supposed to be so great and has many uses!

  3. I'll have to check some of these out!

    1. Definitely give them a try. All available at Sephora.


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