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We’ve been noticing that jewelry inspired by the traditional Indian design has slowly and surely been making an appearance in Western wear. For a long while, we thought those colorful bangle sets, sold in stores like Claire’s to higher end designers like Amrita Singh, were just a passing trend.

But perhaps the continued influence of Indian jewelry design is here to stay. Has anybody else noticed that the statement necklaces, rings, and cuffs that are big this season look distinctly Indian? Jewelry designers like Isharya and Amrita Singh have several pieces inspired by traditional Indian jewelry work. And just the other day, I noticed the main character of the new ABC Family show Jane by Design wearing an ethnically-inspired statement necklace.

Amrita Singh Rupal Spring Bangle Set
Jane by Design, Episode 3 - necklace
Recently while browsing through the “sales rack” of Piperlime, I came across a statement necklace that really caught my eye. The beads, the tassels, the rich colors of red against brass – I just had to have it! The necklace totally reminded me of the jewelry I wear when I dress up in my lehengas for Indian weddings and other such occasions…except its simpler and slightly more modern design makes it pair-able with my usual everyday outfits! Depending on how I feel, I might choose to pair the necklace with a colored top for a bold, bright look or perhaps, wear a plain top and let the necklace do the talking!

Pairing the necklace with a bright top 

How do you like to pair your statement necklaces? 

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