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My Shopping Fix

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With spring finally here, I’m so excited to shed off the bulky coats and jackets from the winter. Which means it is now time to fish into the depths of my closet for clothes better suited for the warmer temperatures coming our way. It’s also a grrrreat excuse for some spring shopping (do some spring cleaning to get rid of the old, make way for the new!).

      As someone who has had a mixed experience with online shopping, I’m generally a little wary of the whole process. But not too long ago, I learned about this unique online retailer called Stitch Fix. It took me a while to actually try it out from the time I first discovered it but now, I’m hooked. Stitch Fix is a service that offers customers their “fix” of 5 items of apparel and/or accessories in their mailbox upon request. It works like this:
  1.  You start off by taking a detailed personal style survey on the Stitch Fix website. 
  2. Soon after, a package is sent to you with 5 goodies based on your aforementioned size and style preferences. 
  3. You try the items out in the privacy of your home and keep what you like, return what you don’t.
What’s fun about this service is the element of surprise associated with it. I get quite excited when I receive my Stitch Fix box because I don’t quite know what I’ll find in there! But I do know that I will find on-trend apparel and accessories customized to me and within my specified budget. In my experience, their selections have generally been pretty spot-on. Sometimes I’ll receive an item which forces me to give it a second look even though I wouldn’t normally consider wearing it. I also love the tags that are provided with ideas on how to pair each article of clothing to achieve different looks. Talk about an affordable online personal stylist!

Getting ready with spring colors - items from a recent Stitch Fix package
Stitch Fix tags that come with the clothes

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Katrina Lake, CEO of Stitch Fix. As co-founder of this startup along with Erin Flynn, Katrina is an admirable example of female entrepreneurs. Over a delicious lunch in SoHo, a small group of Stitch Fix consumers like me met with Katrina and had a lively conservation about the business. Katrina was keen on speaking to consumers and learning about their experience with Stitch Fix and how to improve it. From my end, I enjoyed learning the concept behind Stitch Fix, how it works behind the scenes, and the challenges of expanding a startup. It was also interesting to learn about the wide customer base, from a scientist in NASA to a writer for the TV show 30 Rock! Well, they can now add me, a medical writer, to their list!

If you’re curious to try out Stitch Fix, here’s the link to get you started: http://stitchfix.com/users/signup/?referrer_id=3004821. Happy Spring Shopping!

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  1. Aww, thank you so much for the wonderful post! Katrina had an awesome time meeting you all in NY!

  2. love that striped dress! perfect for dressy and casual dates.

    1. I like that striped dress too! And you're right, it's great for dressing up or down! :)

    2. I love that striped dress too! Can you tell me who makes it?

    3. Hi Katie! The striped dress is by Collective Concepts! :)

  3. I've never heard of Stitch Fix before. Will definitely check it out!

    1. I didn't know about Stitch Fix myself until I read about it on someone's blog. If you do decide to try it out, let me know how you like it! :)


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