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My Top Bhangra Tunes

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I recently took a dance/fitness class in DC, where the instructor led us through a choreographed set of high-energy moves to bhangra music. What made the class so much fun was the high-octane music that really got me shaking my bootay! Bhangra music never fails to get me pumped up and excited, even on a bad day.

For the non-desis out there who don’t know what I’m talking about, bhangra is a highly energetic form of dance that originates from the north Indian state of Punjab. It’s gotten a fair amount of exposure in the West in recent times with hip-hop artists like Jay-Z performing to Punjabi MC remixes. After a particularly beat-bouncing dance class recently, I started thinking about which bhangra songs are my favorite. So here is my list of top, hip-shaking bhangra songs which I wanted to share. Who knows – you might discover a new favorite song from this list or, if you’re a newbie, get educated on the power of bhangra! So here goes…

7) Sadi Galli (Lehmber Hussainpuri)
The beat of this song is undeniable and can make any person want to dance. My dance instructor from Dhoonya Dance, a Bollywood-inspired dance school, taught us such great moves to this song that I can’t help but break into a dance whenever I hear this song at a wedding or bhangra party!

6) Aaja Nachle (Bally Sagoo)
This song makes me reminisce of my early college days and reminds me of the wedding scene in Monsoon Wedding when everyone goes crazy on the dance floor. This has got to be one of Bally Sagoo’s best!

5) Aashiq (Punjabi By Nature and Miss Pooja)
The music video may not be amazing, but the lyrics are certainly interesting. Lines from the song, such as  “I am more beautiful than angels, no one is like me and everyone is in love with my mischievous eyes”, can definitely boost your ego, if your ego is easily boosted…

4) Door Ne Khulni (Manni Sandhu)
I love this song as it picturizes  the quintessential chill-with-friends-at-a-house-party, followed by the character’s plight when his mom doesn’t open the door when he gets home. Watch what happens in the video!

3) Na Na Na Re (Daler Mehndi)
No bhangra list is complete without a throwback Deler Mehndi song! This ‘90s song still manages to get me going on the dance floor.

2) Morni (Punjabi MC)
The girl in this song has some mad accessorizing skills and the song ain’t bad either! Punjabi MC has to be in this list after my friends and I saw him live in an exclusive (100 people only) concert. We mixed and mingled with him, and subsequently gave him our numbers since he wanted to come party with us later!

1)      Amplifier (Imran Khan)
Imran Khan reigns number one on my bhangra list! While Amplifier is his most famous song, his other songs, such as Hey Girl, Bounce Billo, and Ni Nachle, all vied for the number one spot. 

Imran Khan is also an amazing live performer. Check out this picture I took at his concert!
So that wraps up my top Bhangra dance songs! What would you add or remove from this list?

For DC peeps who are interested in coming out to dance parties, check out the United States Department of Bhangra (USDB) parties, held every month at the Black Cat! Or join me in one of the Dhoonya Dance bhangra classes. I might just see you there next time!

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