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Accessorizing Your Hair

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I was doing my monthly yearly closet cleaning the other day and I came across a box of my favorite accessories – hair bands! There is a lot of talk about all other types of accessories – rings, scarves, necklaces, but I don’t think enough is said about the hair band.

Love them or hate them, hair bands have been around forever. A quick Wiki search showed me that the ancient Greeks and Romans wore hair bands for special occasions and often encrusted them with gold to create a hair ornament. Thousands of years later, hair bands are still in fashion largely because they are so versatile and can be used to channel a range of looks.

Functional Look
Hair bands were originally created to keep hair out of your face, but I think this functionality can be mixed with a little style to create a cute look. I often see athletes, such as soccer and tennis players use thick headbands to pull hair out of their face, while also injecting their personal style.

When I’m having a particularly bad hair day, I often just pull my hair into a ponytail and put on a hair band. This works to both keep my hair away and pull attention onto the hair band instead of my hair.

Preppy Look
Championed in most recent memory by Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, the hair band is the perfect accessory to complete a preppy look. Usually worn with her hair down, Blair uses hair bands that have bright colors or flowers to add that extra girly detail.

I became obsessed with these types of hair bands a few years back, but soon realized that it can be difficult to wear them without looking like a teenager. I think the key to wearing them is to limit them to the weekend (probably wouldn’t wear it to the office) when you’re going for a girly, preppy look. If your headband has pretty ornamentation on it, like in the picture below, it might even work in fancier occasions. 

Boho-Chic Look
Thin hair bands were often worn around the crown of the head in the ‘70s by hippies, but have been revived in recent years as a summer staple. Often worn in concert festivals, these are great accessories for a casual mid-summer day!

How often do you all wear hair bands? What are some looks that you like? 

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  1. i love hair bands jus for that fact tat they hav the ability to uplift a bad-hair day! who doesnt need that now?
    those cute embellished hair pins reminded me of mumbai street shopping - always got them for spl occasions to go with the ethnic dresses. this was a great post idea :)

    1. Thanks for your comments! Yes I love those hair pins as well! Got them from Thailand....seems like street markets are the best place for these! :)

  2. I love headbands!
    I wear them all the time, its difficult not to stand out if you sport a fancy one!

    It keeps my disaster fringe back too!:p

    Shubhi's Revels!

    1. Hi Shubhi! Yes, headbands are super fun hair accessories - not only to look chic but to also hide those dreaded BHD (bad hair days)! :)

  3. i love hairbands for when im lazy and dont feel like doing my hair :) followed you in gfc, hope you can follow back! http://xxxloveisbeautyxxx.blogspot.ie/

  4. thanks so much for your comment on my blog :) cant see you in my gfc followers though, can you make sure you followed? thanks :) http://xxxloveisbeautyxxx.blogspot.ie/

    1. You should be able to see us on GFC now! Thanks for checking! :)

  5. wow beautiful accessories for hair, love the peppy look. http://www.turtok.com/


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