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Fashion Night Out

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New York Fashion Week is in full swing, with the city literally buzzing with stylish people wearing trendy clothes and killer shoes. It’s an exciting time of year when designers, bloggers, fashionistas, and the press all come together under one common ground – FASHION! Earlier this week was Fashion Night Out (FNO), the event that kicks off fashion week. The Urban Mantra sisters sound off on their FNO experience…

FNO in New York: I had gone for FNO in the SoHo neighborhood last year and made it a fun night out with the girls. However, I had found the event to be an utter disaster in terms of crowds and lines. Determined not to make the same mistake this year, I decided to visit the department stores instead (ie, Lord & Taylor, Bergdorf, Saks). It was the smartest move I ever made.  It was much more pleasant to roam around from one floor to another within a department store, view the displays, and try stuff on. And it's always a bonus when you don't have to wait forever to get complementary drinks and other goodies. The crowds were also much less aggressive. Finally, I had the pleasure of meeting Anh from 9to5Chic, who was having pictures taken at the Manoukian store at Lord & Taylor. She was wonderfully sweet and friendly!
Sights and sounds from FNO New York at Lord & Taylor
FNO in DC: This Urban Mantra sister found that FNO may have been marketed a little too much for her liking. I have attended FNO in years past in Georgetown when the event was not as popular. Now, all of a sudden, the event has taken on a massive life of its own and I find myself battling long lines to get anything – whether it’s to enter a store or receive a complementary beverage. Indeed,  the lines this year stretched down several blocks, and some stores even ran out of freebies and giveaways within a half hour! Now I'm not trying to sound like a mooch, but what's FNO without the freebies?! (Haha, I kid!...NOT). Regardless it was still a fun night and I'm glad I went!

Left: Trinkets from Cusp; Right: Delicious cupcakes on display
How was your FNO experience?

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  1. No lines at Casa de A Litte Bit etc - that is where I spent my FNO :)
    But from the pics - it looked like fun in both cities!


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