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Guest Post: Make-up For Everyday

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Most women have a love/hate relationship with makeup. With the appropriate time and chosen fabulous venue, wearing makeup and getting ready can be quite enjoyable. But the feelings of disgust normally occur around 7:15am on a Tuesday morning, when sleep has managed to evade you the night before and an outlook calendar filled with meeting lies ahead. Makeup then becomes the bane of your existence. Where the heck is your makeup morning fairy godmother when you need her? Fret not ladies – there is a basic beauty roadmap that you can follow that can meet your daily professional needs. Below is a collage of products curated by yours truly (next stop the Guggenheim ya’ll), that could easily create a polished, chic look each morning even if applied pre-caffeine.

1. Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer – this is a great choice for a daily makeup because it provides more coverage than other similar products while leaving a polished, natural finish on the skin.  Wearing only moisturizer is for weekends and full coverage spackle is for pitch-black swanky joints illuminated only by candlelight – so let the pendulum fall to the middle during the week.

2. LancĂ´me Hypnose Drama – Time is of the essence in the morning, so choosing slightly thicker formula mascara for day and applying only one coat often is the trick to shaving off a few minutes in the morning.  Leave it in your handbag during the day, and if jetting off to an after-work soiree is on your agenda , one or two more coats of this jam will take you from glim to glam in 2 seconds flat!  (side note: I do not know if glim is even a word but it fit so perfectly.  Writer liberties. So there.)

3. Nars Blush in Gaiety – Did you for a second think of walking out the door without blush?  Or that swiping bronzer over your face with a big brush the size of your fist is going to suffice?  Think again, chicas.  I believe in choosing a brightly colored blush (this one is delightful), and just one easy swipe on the apples of your cheek creates a prettier, more feminine look.  I am not averse to bronzer when used appropriately (and lightly ladies, ease off the gas on this one), but I do feel that pink or peach colored blush is a better choice for natural, daily work looks.  

4. Urban Decay Naked Palette – This cult classic has garnered such a strong following over the years because of its versatility in color choices that one can use to create any desired look.  Staying at the left end of the palette would be my suggestion for your morning routine but it is nice not to have to brush on the same boring beige eye shadow day after day.  Variety is the spice of life, remember?  

5. Bobbi Brown Gel Liner – I have long been a fan of gel or powder liners over pencils simply because the end result is smoother and more exact.  While I do agree this may take more time in the morning to apply correctly, you will thank me when it lasts all day, does not smudge (and this Bobbi Brown one is bulletproof) and does not take up half of your eyelid because you applied it too thick. 

6. Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Canvas – Now many of you may disagree with my views on gloss for the workplace, but I feel that shiny, wet, shimmery lips is best saved for that teenager on the train next to you applying her kohl pencil eye liner on her way to class.  Weekends, beach time, swanky restaurant – these are all lip gloss approved, however the workplace is better suited to a lipstick.  Liquid lipsticks are a hybrid that is perfect for this and Hourglass leads the pack with their version.  Once applied it will not move, lasts all day and does not turn your lips into a parched dessert after a few hours.  

How you look at work is often as important as the work that you produce – and a finished face often inspires confidence in those around you that you are pulled together and professional.  They never need to know that you still cry at The Notebook, wear Spongebob flannel pajamas to bed and eat Sour Patch Kids sometimes as your dinner.  Women should always keep a secret. 

Thanks to Urban Mantra for letting me drop my two cents on their blog – the more sass I can infuse anywhere, the better.  To hear more of my ramblings on beauty or fashion, come follow me at A Little Bit etc – a blog that is a little bit fashion, a little bit beauty and a whole lot of sass.

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  1. I love this post. I'm exactly like what you described; I can't be bothered to do anything beauty/makeup related in the mornings because I'm always in a rush rush rush to get out of the house. Hopefully creating a simple routine like this will work for me.

    Love, Miffalicious. [www.miffalicious.com]

  2. Hey! Glad this post was useful. Taking little steps towards making your makeup routine fast and simple can be really helpful. Good luck! :)

  3. Hi, I'm from IFB, great post :D
    FOllowing you now, remember to do the same ;)



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