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Fit in the City: High Line Park

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Running on the streets of New York is a frustrating experience for me because my “runner’s mojo” gets constantly interrupted by slow tourists and street lights. I have enjoyed running several races and half-marathons in the past – so a space that allows me to run (wild? and) free is essential. Central Park has come to the rescue on many an occasion. In fact, running there has become a longstanding Saturday morning ritual. But a girl’s gotta mix things up a bit every now and then! That’s what motivated me to go running in High Line Park recently. Now the question is - is it potentially the next running destination?

What it is: Most of you know of the High Line as a historic freight rail line that got converted into a park (more history here). The park is built interestingly – it’s narrow and elevated, extending down from 30th Street to Gansevoort Street on the west side. Along the way, you weave through residential buildings so closely that you can almost peek in through the windows! This urban park even has several vendors selling ice-cream, beer, wine, and other snacks.

What I love: I saw unique views of the city that I don’t normally in Central Park. Sure, it’s not as green and pretty but it’s still fun. During the run, what I enjoyed most was the people-watching and getting peeks of the Hudson River and West Side Highway.

What I don’t love: You can’t cover long distances in the High Line Park. In fact, upon mapping the High Line on Google pedometer, I realized it is just about a mile-long. So if you’re looking for an average 3-4 mile run, you have to find a way to make up the distance elsewhere (maybe even running on the streets – gasp!). Also, avoid running on weekends here because it gets very crowded with aimless wanderers. Stick to running on the weekdays and you’re good. If nothing else, there’s always trusty Central Park.

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  1. Great blog. Nice pictures.
    Haley www.instyleforless.org

  2. Hey Richa,
    Going for a run at Central Park sounds so much fun! I see a lot of people putting up pics of really interestingly dressed folks there... yet to visit US though... can't wait to explore NY. :)
    I really like your blog btw.. :)

    1. Thanks so much for your comments, Bharti! If you ever come to NYC, let me know and I'll take you around! You'll love it :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oh wow, martial arts training sounds great. How is that going? I'm sure it's a really robust workout! Thanks for your comments on my blog :)


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