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In My City: San Antonio

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In My City is a series of posts about shopping and fashion in different cities. I have asked blogger friends from around the world to share their favorite local shopping spot(s) in their city along with a picture showcasing their street style.

Today we have Tanvi from the blog Tanvii.com sharing her favorite locales around her city of San Antonio. With both Shruti and I being ex-residents of Texas (we spent several years in Austin), it's a pity that our paths didn't cross earlier. But oh well, better late than never! This Texas gal's candid, no-nonsense personality and unique sense of style is refreshing. Plus, with her online store Crazy & Co, you can't help but admire her sense of entrepreneurship. Thanks Tanvi for your tips below!
Being a (life)style-blogger, I am always scouting for new locations in my city. San Antonio is not one of the "fashionable" cities by any account. However, in the past five years it has changed and grown immensely. Mostly people associate the city with either the River Walk or The Alamo, but if you asked the locals, they rarely ever go there unless it is the Fiesta (Cultural Festival) or simply a pleasant Sunday afternoon!

As far as shopping goes, the city has everything to offer from high end stores to flea markets. Most shopping areas in San Antonio are open-air, which is ironic since the heat is unbearable starting May. The few shopping malls that we do have do not really fancy me that much, except North Star Mall (you'll learn why below). Some of the popular, or rather my go-to, shopping locations in San Antonio are as follows:

This is my go-to place for shopping. It has a cool-chic vibe with plenty to do. There is a cinema, a Whole Foods, plenty of eateries, including Amy's Ice Cream and Starbucks - everything I need on my day off. It also has two of my favorite stores to shop at - Nordstrom RACK & Francesca's. Sundays are even better, as you can attend the Farmer's market.

This is an open-air marketplace with all the big brand names and departmental stores under "one roof" (so to say). Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Hugo Boss, Burberry, and many more. The backdrop is perfect for a weekend hangout with a lot of good restaurants and bars too. 

If I am not mistaken, it is San Antonio's largest shopping mall with over 200-something stores. However, lately, I do not visit the mall AT ALL unless I have to go to SAKS for some reason. It hosts the only SAKS we have in South Texas. Yup! Austin doesn't have SAKS FIFTHE AVENUE. 

This is the closest shopping complex to my house so needless to say, this is where I go to make quick errands. This is where I also go for all my home-related shopping. It has Home Goods, Restoration Hardware, World Market. Hobby Lobby - basically every store you need to visit to buy home decor products.

Last but not the least, this is where you go get the chic and local flavor. Not just of food, but of retail stores too. Another open-air location which hosts one of my favorite local boutique - Adelante! Another attraction is the Saturday Farmer's Market, which has become hugely popular and is always packed during the summer months. 

Thank you, Richa and Shruti for having me over at your blog. I enjoyed putting together this post for your blog. I hope your readers enjoyed it too.

Tanvi describes herself as a modern-day-nomad. Tanvi grew up in India, then migrated to Dubai, UAE at the age of 16, went to Switzerland for further studies and then worked in London, U.K.. But since 2007 she calls Texas her home. She is a social media maverick 9-5, working at an Advertising firm, and an entrepreneur 24/7 running her online store Crazy & Co. She started her blog tanvii.com in 2009 as an outlet to connect with the world. She describes herself and her blog as - Eccentric. Stylish. Creative. 

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  1. Gorgeous Post. I wish this post had come up earlier. I was in San Antonia a fortnight ago, n didnt know where to shop. Picked up a few hats at the river walk..but that was it. But m keeping my fingers crossed for my nxt trip. ;)



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