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Fashion for a Good Cause

By January 31, 2015 , , ,

 It's been a whirlwind past 10 days - I've traveled to the US and back in a span of 4 days, followed by a one-day trip to Bangkok, and then a 2 day trip to Hong Kong. None of this was planned. All these trips popped up out of nowhere at the last minute for some urgent reason or the other and I had to go. It sounds crazy but I kind of enjoyed it all. For now though, I'm back in Singapore and enjoying some stable ground.

I wanted to share this online jewelry store called 31Bits that I discovered it a while back. The store sells fashionable jewelry designs using beads made from recycled paper, funky fabrics, and other local materials. I especially love their intricate beaded necklaces. 31Bits has a unique business model. All the jewelry is handcrafted by artisans in Uganda and the money earned goes towards helping people rise above poverty. That's fashion for a good cause. 
Top, skirt, and necklace from Bangkok street shopping; shoes from VNC (Bangkok store); necklace: 31Bits

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