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Singapore Countryside

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Prompted by frequent insisting by our little boy to take him to a farm, Amit and I decided to venture out and explore the Singapore countryside this weekend. This statement might raise a lot of eyebrows for some and comments like, "Singapore has a countryside?" Well, small as it may be, this island still does have places that are less well-trodden and quietly settled away from the buzzing crowd. The Kranji/Lim Chu Kang countryside in the northwest part of the island is where we decided to go exploring. The Kranji area has several different, local farms clustered together, such as fish, frog, goat, and dairy farms. We decided to hop along and visit the Hay Diaries Goat Farm, Dairy Folks, Viknesh Dairy Farms, and the well-known Bollywood Veggies (all located near each other).

The Hay Diaries goat farm allows children to feed and pet the goats. You can even buy fresh goat milk to take home. Similarly, Dairy Folks and Viknesh Dairy Farms produce fresh milk and ice-cream from the cows in their farm. You can even have them deliver the fresh milk to your house! However, besides being able to see the animals briefly, neither of these farms have much to do. Bollywood Veggies is the biggest and most charming farm of them all. Rustic and homely, the farm is filled with plots of land growing different vegetables. Walk along and you'll spot a scarecrow, resting logs under shady trees, a small pond, and quaint signs such as "Make gardens, not war. Back to nature is the future". The farm also offers all sorts of interesting farm activities and tours to get you better acquainted with nature. The restaurant Poison Ivy is definitely worth a visit to sample the local cuisine prepared with the farm-grown vegetables. All of these come together to illustrate the philosophy of getting back to nature and being true to all-natural foods at Bollywood Veggies.

If you were able to reach Bollywood Veggies, you may as well walk the short distance to Lim Chu Kang jetty. This old wooden jetty is where many local fisherman come to collect clams and also start their fishing expedition for the day. The place has significance because it was thereabouts that the Japanese invaded Singapore during WWII. We strolled to the edge of the jetty and took time for some photos. Soon after that, it was time to head back home and back to reality.

Excited to see the goats at Hay Dairies goat farm
Strolling around the farm in Bollywood Veggies
Pondering the meaning of life as he overlooks a pond 

What an idyllic setting here at Bollywood Veggies
Lim Chu Kang jetty

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