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Shades of Brown

By January 14, 2017 , , , , , ,

Hello dear readers and wish you all a very Happy 2017! With a fresh start of a new year come new hopes, aspirations, motivations, and resolutions. Oddly enough, I haven't really thought about any of these for myself! I guess I've never really believed that you need a new year to make you think about what you want to achieve for yourself. You want to get fit now? Go for it. You want to start taking dance classes? Start now, why wait? You want to build your career further? Do something about it now. I suppose my philosophy basically comes down to this: Why start something tomorrow if you can do it today? My husband makes great fun of me for this "type A, taskmaster" personality of mine. Haha! But it's what keeps me active, productive, and happy.

So on that very resolute, action-oriented note, here's my first blog post of the year! I don't normally wear leather but this faux leather tank paired over a white tee and a classic pair of blue jeans makes for a casual and very wearable weekend look.

Leather tank and white tee: JUBA & Co | Tory Burch Ivy Leopard Crossbody | Bracelet from Lauren Elan Collections

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  1. Love this outfit n u look soooo gorgeous.


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