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Celebrating New Birth and Sibling Love

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Well guys, we’ve added one more to our brood. On June 24, 2017, we welcomed our second baby boy into our arms. We have named him Arjun, after the legendary warrior from the Indian epic story of the Mahabharata. Arjun is also the close friend and disciple of Lord Krishna. The name has special significance for us because our older kiddo Krishnav chose this name!

Three weeks into my new life as a mother of two, I’m reliving those early weeks with a newborn baby which are so special, sweet, tiring, and perplexing all in one go! But what makes this experience different the second time around is watching the interaction between the two siblings.

One of my initial concerns was how my older son Krishnav would react to having a younger brother. We’d heard plenty of cases of older siblings reacting badly to having a new member of the family. Insecurity or jealousy from the older sibling can rear its ugly head, and it's important to manage it early on. Thus, we had taken some measures to ensure a smooth transition for Krishnav from being an only child to an older brother while also preparing mentally to deal with the worst.

So how has it turned out so far? Surprisingly, Krishnav has dived excitedly into the “big brother” role. He is full of questions, observations, and curiosity ("Mama, why can't the baby talk? Mama, when will the baby learn to walk? Mama, I think the baby likes me"). He wants to hold the baby, change his diaper, and feed him (yes, he believes he can also breastfeed apparently). This all sounds great in theory but when you have a typical toddler who is literally a hurricane let loose in the house, I constantly find myself averting near disasters and accidents.

Sometimes he’s jumping on the bed precariously close to the baby laying down next to him and me panicking and yelling at him to get down. Other times, he’s playing rambunctiously with a bulky toy truck next to the baby's head. Again, I'm freaking out that he might accidentally give his little brother a concussion. I have to constantly remind Krishnav to be gentle around the newborn baby (while constantly feeling guilty that I'm stifling the "big brother excitement" in him).

But there are equally occasions when Krishnav shows his sweet and gentle side. One such moment was when he first said to me: "Mama, I want to hold my baby brother". Tentatively, I agreed to let him…and he tenderly held his baby brother and kissed him on the cheek. He surprised me with his gentleness and my heart just melted with this sweet interaction.

Recently I was lucky enough to have a comic made by Brenda Li from Summer and Muu. She’s an artist who has an incredible knack for capturing hilarious parenting moments. Always so relatable and spot-on! Well, she did a great job of making a cartoon out of my experiences. Be sure to visit her Facebook page here and follow her on Instagram (@summerandmuu).

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  1. Such a cute post..n i wish i cud meet ur two babies. They r totally adorable.


    1. Thank you Aditi! I hope to meet you and your little one too someday. Wish you all the best.


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