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Different Ways to Style a Scarf

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A scarf is one of those accessories that never goes out of style. It's probably the most versatile article of clothing you didn't know you had! Back in 2013, I wrote a two-part series on how you can maximize the use of a scarf in various ways (Part I and Part II are here if you wanna check out those posts). With the headscarf look becoming in-fashion now, I was reminded of this old blogpost and felt inspired to do a new version. So here I am, four years later...and I decided to have a reboot of the "Different Ways to Style a Scarf" post.

The Classic Way
So of course, there is the classic way of wearing a scarf around your neck. Winter or summer, a scarf adds another dimension to your look. Now that I live in a hot, tropical climate, I use a very light and thin fabric for a scarf if I ever choose to wear one.

Classic with a Twist
To add more visual interest to a scarf worn around your neck, why not get creative and add a piece of jewelry? As shown in the picture below, I strung the scarf through a statement ring just to mix things up a bit. A brooch would work just as well. 

Scarf as a Headpiece
This is currently all the rage right now. You can find tons of online tutorials (here's one I liked) and Pinterest posts on the different ways to wear a scarf as a head wrap. I'm amazed at the number of different styles you can wear it! A head wrap can really transform your whole look. While I personally don't have the habit of wearing a scarf as a headpiece, I've lately begun to experiment more with this look and I really like how it looks. 

Accessory to your Handbag
Want to give an updated look to your old handbag? Say hello your trusty scarf! I recommend using a short scarf and attaching it to the side of your bag's handle. Another way is to twist the scarf across the handle of the purse as shown below. Notice how I've even used a cocktail ring to secure the scarf in place. The chain print scarf works really well when pairing it with a classic handbag.

Scarf as a Top
Believe it or not, you can also fashion a scarf as a top! Ideally, you use one with square proportions rather than a long rectangular one but yes...it is possible. Here in the picture, I tied 2 ends of the scarf around my neck and the other 2 ends behind my back. Thrown on a blazer to pull the look together and you're ready to go! In the summers, skip the blazer and wear it as a halter top (the tie-dye print bandanna scarf would work really well for the summery look).

Scarf as a Belt
Is there no end to the different ways you can use a scarf? In this picture, I've worn it around my waist to add a bit of flair to these high-waisted palazzo pants. You could just as easily pair it with a dress to achieve a more figure-defining look.

So what are the ways YOU have used a scarf? Are there any other ways to style a scarf that I didn't think of? Would love to hear from you!

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  1. So enjoyed reading the post! Experimenting is the key and you nailed it girl!

  2. I love wearing scarfs as headbands. Been doing that all month. Using jewelry with the scarf is so creative. Guess I should try that

    1. Yes, try it with the jewelry - it's something different!

  3. Loved how easy you made it sound. The top .

  4. So many cute ways to style it that i wouldn't have even thought of!


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