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The Reasons Why I Blog

By October 09, 2017

It started off as a flight of fancy. I was filled with wide-eyed wonder and bubbling excitement over living in a place like NYC. The “city” was where I got introduced to the awesomeness of food truck chowing and the fanciness of Michelin star dining. Before New York, I was a Broadway virgin, a subway snob, a kati roll non-believer, a driver instead of a street walker. It was in New York where I tried and got addicted to aerial yoga, Cross Fit, and U.S. Marine-style bootcamps. New York was the culprit behind me trading my Texan cowboy boots and laidback grad student attire for a more uptown look. There was just so much to see and do that I desperately wanted a way to capture all these experiences. A platform where I could pen down my thoughts and share them. And that’s how Urban Mantra was born.

It’s been 5 years of blogging going strong. Along the way, Urban Mantra has evolved as I found my voice and discovered topics on which I felt I had something worthwhile to say. Moving countries and motherhood also played a big role in steering the blog to where it is today. The blog now is a lot about me sharing my evolving style journey, a dash of fitness and travel stories, and heavy doses of motherhood moments.

So despite the busy work and family life and limited time, the mental writer’s block I often face, and the cumbersome need to take photos that grab people’s digital attention… what are the reasons I continue to blog ardently, 5 years later? Well, in case you’re wondering, it’s not about the followers and the number of likes and comments I get on my blog post and instagram, although that’s always a bonus! No, the real reasons I continue to blog are this:

1. The blog continues to be a way for me to document and share my life experiences. For example, I can always look back on the write-up about the birth of my two children. When friends ask, I have my travel posts with tips and recommendations ready to share. My fitness-related posts, such as postpartum workouts, are still relevant and useful to readers.

2. The blog serves as a wonderful creative outlet for me. Working a day job in a very scientific field, the blog allows my left-brain to wander. I like to think of and plan topics to write about. With the blog as an excuse, I love to check out hidden or the not-so-common parts of Singapore and talk about them. I’ve also stepped outside my comfort zone with being more open about the hidden, wannabe fashionista in me!

3. The positive response and encouraging comments I get unexpectedly from people is a big motivating factor. When someone tells me they follow my blog, feel inspired by my fitness stories, or support my mom-related posts, I feel so thankful and gratified

4. The friendships and connections I’ve made along the way through blogging are astounding to me. Whether it’s someone I’ve never met, met only once, or met many times over, blogging has allowed me to form lasting friendships and a strong network with fellow bloggers from different parts of the world.

5. Of late, it’s the opportunity to collaborate with small businesses and work as a social media influencer. The nature of blogging has evolved immensely in the past few years with bloggers becoming the new age digital marketers. This is a path which I had not anticipated to be walking down 5 years ago when I started blogging for fun. But now, it’s quite rewarding and exciting to apply my blogger status in working with and supporting the social media reach of small brands that I believe in.

For as long as I enjoy blogging, I plan to continue doing it...and thank you to my dear family, friends, and followers who continue to support me in this endeavor!

Dress by Urban Revolve | Shoes from Charles & Keith | Purse by Fendi | Sunglasses by Armani

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  1. blogging definitely has about in sooo many great things in my life! would love to meet you in person someday,,,hopefully soon :)

  2. I love seeing your adventures and tie bits of your life. Keep sharing and blogging my lovely


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