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Big Apple Kid

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New York City holds a special place in my heart. Among the many reasons is that it’s the city where I had my first baby. There are certain memories of my time there as a new mom which I will never forget. Little moments in time which Krishnav will never remember but are ingrained in my mind. Visits to the Central Park Zoo where I pointed out penguins to him, stroller rides along a crowded Times Square, taking him to our neighborhood cafĂ© on a cold, blustery November evening…

You can imagine then how I loved the book Big Apple Kid. Written and illustrated by a very talented Kavita Rajput, this children’s book brings back warm nostalgic feelings of my time in NYC with Krishnav before I moved to Singapore. The author, who is now based in Singapore, conceived the book when she herself was a mom living in Manhattan with her baby boy seven years ago. It has been quite an incredible journey for her to bring the book to life but the result is an endearing and loveable children’s book. With its watercolor illustrations capturing familiar and iconic images of Manhattan across different seasons and its sweet rhythmic rhymes, this book is appropriate for any kid up to age 4-5. And if your kid just happens to be a New Yorker, by birth or residence, then it’s a must to add this book to their collection!

If you are in Singapore, do support your locally published books and authors/artists. You can find out more about this book and the author at www.bigcitykidbooks.com. Get a copy for your kid today!

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