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Favorite New York Street Food: Update

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Update: I recently tried the Tuk Tuk Boy's Thai street food in midtown, and I have to say that it was GOOD! Their pad thai was very authentic. I was also quite excited about their Thai iced tea because it tasted the way it should (I feel that most places here don't make it right). Definitely one of the better food trucks I've had in the city, and very much like the street food I would have in Bangkok. I'm looking forward to going back and trying their papaya salad (som tam), fried rice (khao pad), and masaman curry!

I followed up my Thai lunch with some crepes for dessert. The Crepes Truck was right next to the Tuk Tuk Boy's cart so I shuffled on over to get myself crepes with nutella, strawberries, and walnuts. Yum! Overall, the perfect Friday lunch!


Living in New York City is a gastronomical adventure in and of itself. You’re never short of places to eat. You’re also never short of ways to spend money eating. Case in point: Just this weekend, I met a friend for a lunch of spicy Korean BBQ at Korea Town (Shila). Later that night, I enjoyed a delicious, home-style Italian meal in the Upper East Side (Uva), followed by unique libations at one of those Prohibition-style speakeasies in the Lower East Side (Milk and Honey ). This was eventually followed by some late night kati rolls (The Kati Roll Company) in the West Village (a predictable ending to a late night for an Indian in New York, as you will soon find out). Yep, it was one of those ridiculous weekends where you’ve blown easily over $200 just eating and drinking before you know it.

Well, what also makes New York City truly unique is the wide variety of street food it has to offer. I'm not just talking about the hot dog stands found at every corner of the city! No, no...I'm talking about those food trucks, also known as "cheap eats" -- the perfect alternative to expensive eating. Indeed, you could perfectly survive on New York street eats alone and have some of the finest meals in a casual setting!

Having grown up Thailand and spent significant time in India, I know the joys (and sometimes potential dangers) of eating street food. Perhaps my simplest and most satisfying meals have been from the food stalls of Bangkok and the dhabas in Delhi and Mumbai. For me, New York food trucks are a little piece of Asia in the U.S. – simple, no-nonsense grub that packs a punch.

Below is a list of food trucks in the city that are my personal favorites. Some are well-known and have even been featured on the Best Food Trucks of New York; others are just ones I enjoy in my part of town. So next time you’re looking to save some money or find something that hits the spot, give these food carts a try. You might just see me there!

1. Dosa Cart (on 39th and Broadway) – Warm South Indian dosas and spicy sambar
2. Souvlaki Gr: Greek souvalakis so good that the owners opened a restaurant of the same name. I highly recommend the Greek fries with feta cheese too
3. Pita and Falafel Cart (on 31st and 7th Ave)
4. Eddie’s Pizza – It’s pizza, enough said!
5. The Halal Guys (on 52nd and 6th Ave) – Heaping portions of flavorful chicken and rice that really fill you up!
6. Wafels & Dinges – Try these Belgian waffles with the spekuloos spread and a vanilla ice-cream topping that's to die for!
7. Taim Mobile – The falafels and the home-made sauces are delish!
8. Comme Ci, Comme Ca – Really good cous cous
9. DessertTruckWorks – Melt-in-your-mouth desserts
10. LaNewyorkina – Super refreshing Mexican ice popsicles with real fruit flavors
11. Cupcake Crew – Ah-mazing cupcakes!

Not to be outdone, D.C. also has a booming food truck business. Food Truck Fridays, or Truckeroo, is a monthly festival that showcases the different food trucks in the D.C. area. There's also this awesome website that allows you to track where the trucks are so you can see which ones are near you! Check out http://foodtruckfiesta.com.

What are the favorite food trucks in your city?

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  1. Thanks for visiting the blog and for your lovely comment. :)

    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. This is so useful! I am definitely checking out some of the places you recommended here when we go to the city next weekend. I love street food - I know what you mean by having a satisfying meal off of a hand cart. I am never disappointed! I have never had street food in the US..looking forward to experiencing that in city:)

  3. Hey! Yes, street food is something that is sort of unique to NYC. So I'm literally obsessed with trying out new ones each time! There's nothing like it. If you're coming to the city this weekend (as your blog mentions!), I would definitely recommend the Wafles & Dinges cart. It has several locations but there is always one near Central Park (in Columbus Circle in front of the Time Warner building to be exact). It's so good! And in general, you can go online and find the location of the different food carts each day based on their tweets. Let me know if you end up trying any :)

  4. Hello this is Neil, everything sounds very good


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