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Can't Rain on My Parade!

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With a forecast of rain for the weekend and the following week, I know what I'll be doing this weekend - staying dry indoors! This will be my weekend of watching movies ad nauseum, ordering in food, and having mimosas in my PJs. It's not that I don't like the rain. It's great...as long as it lasts for a few minutes. It's just that getting wet in the rain can be such a bother, and it really doesn't do anything for my hair (hello, humidity and frizz!). Now if only I could look as effortlessly good as Kate Middleton in the rain....
But alas, K.Mid I am not. And so, if I do have to step out in the rain to replenish my supply of OJ for my mimosas, I have some ideas on what I could wear to look somewhat put together!

I would arm myself with a seriously cute umbrella. With my obsession of all things polka dot and color-block, this might just do the trick!
Audrey Polka Dot Umbrella
I'd wear a bright trench coat to make me feel better about the dark, stormy clouds overhead...
Michael Kors Belted Classic Trench Coat
How can we forget the wet weather staple, the ever reliable rainboots? This pair might work well with the pink trench coat :)
Target-Zebra Shorty Rain Boots
And lastly, I LOVE this quirky waterproof bag! What, the rain is coming, you say? Here, put this bag over your head!

Rain Times Newspaper Bag

 Have a great weekend, my friends...and stay dry!

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