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Recipe for a Good Weekend

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I think we all agree that weekends fly by way too fast. Often times, we get so caught up with doing chores and running errands that before we know it, it's Monday again! It's nice when you can press the pause button and do things you want to do instead of just things you have to do. It was a gorgeous, sunny weekend in NYC, the kind that reminds you of why weekends (and life in general!) is meant for living. My simple (and all too-obvious) recipe for a good weekend:

1. Spending quality time with the ones who matter most. After spending several frustrating hours on assembling an Ikea dresser, the hubby and I took a walk to Bryant Park where we enjoyed a nice drink...and laughed over our wobbly dresser back in the apartment. Cheers to that! :)
2. Soaking up the sun and stopping to "smell the roses" (cliched, I know, but it's the little things in life, right?).
 3. Indulging in a little bit of retail therapy...or perhaps just some window-shopping (it's also the frivolous things in life!).  This window display with clean and crisp color-blocking at Lord & Taylor on Fifth Ave caught my eye, but I kept on walking--must...resist...the...urge...to...shop!
4. Enjoying a good meal with family and friends. We enjoyed a delicious Indian-fusion meal on Friday night at a cozy little eatery in the Lower East Side called Grafitti. Pau bhaji burgers, eggplant tacos, green mango paneer? Yum!
 5. Reading a good book every now and then. I finally made the time to visit the New York Public Library over the weekend to pick up some good old fashioned books (remember them from before the iBook era?).
What are your favorite weekend activities?


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  1. How wonderful! My husband and I were doing furniture things too!! Our stuff will arrive this week so we will be doing some assembling soon enough!! I love Bryant PArk - is only a few blocks from my apt so it is a favorite for me!!! Looks like a great weekend!

  2. Interesting post indeed! Keep on posting for more


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