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A Countryside Escape

By May 21, 2012 , , , , , , , ,

Every now and then, when the city feels a little stifling and when a picnic in Central Park just doesn’t cut it, a little getaway is all you need. I happened to find my escape this weekend at a darling little bed & breakfast in upstate New York. In just a three-hour drive, the loud honking of yellow cabs and the mad rush of people gave way to small town Americana and calmer surroundings. In the midst of green pastures with grazing cows and horses, we found ourselves in a little piece of heaven. The moment I walked into the Hazelnut Farm B&B, I knew that one night here was not going to be enough. Hazelnut Farm is a 16-room farmhouse run by the lovely couple, Art and Susan Adams.  You can tell that the owners have styled and decorated their home with great love and care. Every book and every wall hanging is artfully placed. Every room feels cozy and inviting, with soft fluffy bedding, quaint furniture, and a personal handwritten note wishing you a lovely stay. 

In this idyllic setting, we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and strolled along the open, green fields. At night, we admired the bright stars in the sky and marveled at how quiet it can be. It was a revitalizing retreat, and one that I plan to make again very soon!

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  1. What a delightful place!! I desperately need a weekend away from NYC. My husband and I are planning a weekend trip to Crabtree Kittle Inn House in June and cannot wait. Did you rent a car? Is this your first B&B in upstate - or have you visited others?
    Happy Monday! xo

  2. Hi Maree, yes we did rent a car! Just make sure you beat the rush hour traffic on Friday when getting out of the city! It was my first B&B in upstate NYC and I really enjoyed it. Needless to say, this won't be my last. Let me know how you like the B&B you'll be visiting!

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  4. Cool! I really love the view and the field around the house. This is indeed very lovely

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    1. Hi! Thanks for following our blog! Will visit your blog asap! :)


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