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Summer Fun in DC

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Hey everyone! With Memorial Day passing this last weekend, it is now officially summer! Woohoo! Summer is my favorite season…the sun is out and the days are longer, giving you more time to do fun activities! As usual, there are a hundred things I would like to do this summer, so I thought I’d organize them into my DC Summer Bucket List! Some of these activities are big and require planning, while others are smaller things I’ve always wanted to do when the weather got nice but never got around to. So here it is, my DC Summer Bucket List!

1) Tubing: Nothing screams summer like hours spent floating down a river under the hot sun! I haven’t had a chance to go tubing in the past, but with summer tubing deals coming out and the Potomac nearby, this is a summer activity I don’t plan to miss out on!

2) Grilling: With great weather outside, people turn to this favorite all-American activity as a way to relax and enjoy some succulent meat! I like Whole Foods’ pre-marinated meats which are ideal for grilling. Try their salmon and spinach burgers with feta cheese, they’re delish!

3) Jazz in the garden: The National Gallery of Art offers this free concert series every Friday throughout the summer. People can enjoy a cocktail outdoors while listening to live jazz music, dipping their feet in the fountain, and engaging in some political talk. How quintessential DC!

Enjoying sangria at Jazz in the Garden
4) Dining at outdoor patios: With DC teeming with outdoor seating venues, getting dinner and drinks at an outdoor patio is just one of the things I equate with summer! Some of my go-to’s are Lauriol Plaza, Eighteenth Street Lounge, and Marvin…but I hope to explore a few other places this summer!

5) Attending a concert: Summer is the time for concert tours and music festivals, like Lollapalooza and Firefly. I just bought tickets to the LMFAO concert at the end of June in Philly, so I’ll be looking forward to some Party Rocking!

6) Picnicking at the National Mall: Bake some treats, buy some white wine, grab a book, and you’re good to go. Sleeping on the grass while reading the book is optional.

7) Beach time: You can’t say beach without summer. I can’t wait to lounge around at the beach, do some water activities, and work on my tan (oh, who am I kidding? I’m Indian! We don’t like tanning!)
Soo ready for some beach time!
8) Enjoy snow cones: While stores that sell these are hard to come by, I know of vendors who set up camp in Bethesda. If you’re looking for snow cones in New York, look no further than La New Yorkina with flavors like mango chile, cucumber lime, horchata, and fresh coconut. Yum!

These are just some activities that are at the top of my wish list this summer. What activities are big in your town and what are you looking forward to?

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