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Strawberry Fields Forever

By June 04, 2012 , , , , , ,

It feels like I've been engaging in a lot non-urban activities lately. Just this weekend, I went strawberry picking! Far away, in a suburban/rural setting outside of D.C. (Maryland to be exact!), I visited a strawberry picking farm. It was there that I realized that all the strawberries I've been eating my whole life have been pale imitations of the real thing. Honestly, you haven't enjoyed real strawberries if you haven't visited a strawberry farm to try some fresh off the patch. All natural and juicy, these strawberries were so sweet that they tasted like candy...you won't find anything like this in the grocery store!

For every strawberry that I placed in my basket, I popped one in my mouth. You'd think I was eating strawberries like they were potato chips! Despite that, I managed to collect a sizable amount of these fruits to take back home. They made for a delectable strawberry juice for breakfast the next day.

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  2. Gosh, those strawberries look heavenly! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I thought I'd pop over and say hi too. Lovely blog!


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