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A Tourist in My Own City

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When you live in the country’s capital, there’s no shortage of family, friends, and acquaintances passing through. While it’s always great to have them visit me in DC, of late it’s become quite tiresome to take them around sightseeing. Honestly, there are only so many times a girl can take people around the National Mall, point out the White House, and shepherd people through the “usual suspects” Smithsonian museums. As pretentious as this may sound, I had become quite immune to DC’s sights and the self-made tour I give to my friends.
Recently, I decided to mix things up a little bit by becoming a tourist in my own city. I decided to take the Monuments by Moonlight tour, which allowed me to view DC in a whole new light…literally! The tour starts at sunset and shuttles people in a trolley around the monuments as it becomes progressively darker. I have seen the Lincoln Memorial dozens of time, but never has it looked as statuesque and hauntingly beautiful as it did under moonlight. With the tour guide providing excellent stories and insider details, this tour allowed me to see DC through a different perspective. In the interplay of light, dusk, and shadows, I got to admire the MLK monument, FDR Memorial, World War II Memorial, the Arlington Cemetery, and many more.

The moonlight tour inspired me to visit the National Cathedral, a place I had been meaning to visit for a while but had forgotten about. The National Cathedral is known for its beautiful Gothic architecture. In taking the gargoyle tour there, I learned that there are hundreds of gargoyles carved on the outside of the church, with one representing Darth Vader! In a national competition where children had to design gargoyles for the cathedral, the boy that won first place had designed the Darth Vader gargoyle as that was his perception of modern evil. 

So next time you are bored of the same sights in YOUR city, take a moment to view it from a different light. You might just discover something different! 

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    nice post, lucky you :)

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  2. Nice post :) You've got a really nice blog! Maybe we can follow each other?

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  3. I couldn't agree more! I'm living in Rio de Janeiro for so long, but I can say that I'm discovering Rio just now! I loved the pics!!


  4. so true, its not usually that we take a tour in our own city, i have moved near DC for past 4 months and been there only once. need to be a tourist soon before this summer ends :)

  5. agree,, we barely check out our town and go all places when on holiday. I am from Mumbai and havent seen sme of the most known place there. Its time I do it too!!

    beautiful architecture



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