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Painting the Town Pink

By July 22, 2012 , , ,

This weekend, the Urban Mantra sisters got to hang out together in the same city for a change! On this sunny yet slightly cool day, we started with brunch at Colicchio & Sons. If you're ever there for brunch, we highly recommend the french toast (brioche pain perdu, as written on their menu). It's probably one of the best french toast we've had in New York, which is saying a lot! The service was impeccable as well.

Needing to digest our carb-heavy meal, we wandered around the Meatpacking District, window-shopping and people-watching. Eventually, we ended up at the rooftop deck of the Hotel Gansevoort where we spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the lovely breeze and a view of the Hudson. Nothing like having your sister/best friend around. A few snapshots from our day below... 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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  1. I love you guys in your pink! Colicchio and Sons I believe is right next to the restaurant my husband works at Del Posto - such a fun area! xo

    1. Aww, thanks Maree! :)
      Yes, Del Posto is right next to Colicchio & Sons. Your husband works there? How awesome! It's a Michelin star restaurant so I can only imagine how great the food must be. Must make my way there sometime. :)

  2. looks like u had a wonderful day,, pink - thats such a nice and happy colour!!!

    found ure blog through IFB its nice!!!


    1. Hi! Thanks for your nice words and for visiting our blog. I am heading over to visit your blog now as well! :)


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