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Go Bold: Statement Pieces & Personal Challenges

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Statement Necklaces
Clockwise from top left: Stella & Dot Sierra Necklace; Amrita Singh Woven Ribbon and Metal Bib Necklace; Sabine Statement Tribal Drop Necklace; Bauble Bar Cocktail Eclectic; Kate Spade Frame of Mind Double Row Necklace; DANNIJO Hilde Necklace

Those fun necklaces you see above? They are some of the statement-making, show-stopping necklaces I've been eyeing these days. For someone who likes and even collects statement necklaces, I certainly don't wear much of them.

I always admire those women, sauntering down the street in bold and bright pieces of jewelry. I myself, though, feel a tad bit conscious wearing something so big and obvious around my neck. I'm always so paranoid that someone is going to tell me, "Um, that boa constrictor around your neck? Not doing you any favors". Or worse, they could be gossiping about it with others, "Did you see that boa constrictor around her neck today?"

Lately I've been telling myself that you can't take yourself too seriously. And that, my friends, should apply to fashion as well. Who cares what someone else thinks? So what if you're overdressed with a neon necklace with beads, rhinestones, metal chains, and other funky things around your neck? Just do what you wanna do, wear what you wanna wear (within limits, of course. I'm not that crazy!). It's high time I dusted off the big necklaces sitting quietly in my jewelry box along with my shyness. I am challenging myself to wearing these statement pieces at least once a week! Follow me on twitter as I document my necklace wearing as if it were a badge of courage. And it would be lovely if you would all give a girl some company. Cheers! :)

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  1. Have to have a collar necklace soon-all these pieces are so gorgeous too:)
    Shubhi's Revels!


    on Facebook

  2. my fav is the KS double row necklace! i think stmt necklaces r for lazy dressers like me, they instantly brighten up a plain tee n denims combo, perfect!

  3. Hello dear this necklaces are amazing, great choice!



  4. They are all so pretty.I am on a lookout for some neon colors these day. I don't give a second thought on flaunting them these days !Thanks for ur comment dear,really appreciate !

  5. How's the statement necklace wearing challenge going? Thank you for your comment and it's nice to see the same sentiments echoed from other women out there. Being bold and drawing attention to yourself is scary and hard, which is why we admire those women who saunter down the street, wearing those bold and attention grabbing styles, so much. Working on becoming one of those myself one day. =)

    1. It's going well, I think! I'm slowly but surely wearing more items that I normally would shy away from wearing. It's a process...but I think I'm getting there! :) Glad to know that there are others out there who feel the same way as us!


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