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Stop to Read the Billboards

By August 13, 2012 , ,

It’s not often that a billboard catches my eye. There are so many of them everywhere, with most of them being quite forgettable, that I barely even register what I read anymore. But not too long ago, as I was driving from New Jersey into New York City, I saw a giant yellow billboard that read, “Traffic is God’s way of telling you to slow down.” The words left an impression. Not only because the message on this random billboard was somewhat profound, but also because it was kind of funny. Since then, for some odd reason, all I see are quirky billboards everywhere in the city. And odder still is the fact that I’ve felt the need to capture these signs and billboards on my iPhone camera.

Here are pictures of a few ads that have made subway riding and walking around in NYC even more interesting (Manhattan Storage seems particularly good at coming up with witty one-liners about NYC culture and social trends). Readers, what are funny ads that you’ve seen lately? Feel free to tweet or email me an eye-catching ad or billboard from your town, and I’ll post them on the blog and link up to you!

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  1. Oh my, that last one, I may or may not be able to relate.

  2. haha good ones!!


  3. oh yeah you tend to forget but all i rmbr is the "buri nazar waley tera muh kaala" http://www.turtok.com/


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