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Monday Movies in the Park

By August 07, 2012 , , , ,

Last Monday, I did something crazy. I went to watch a movie in the park. I know, it’s not the most earth-shatteringly unique activity but you know what? It was fun. It was spontaneous. Sitting on a checkered blanket with some kati rolls and drinks in hand, my friend and I enjoyed the simple act of watching a movie in Bryant Park. As I absorbed the view of the city skyline rising above us and the company of a few hundred other friends on the lawn, I thought to myself, “This is way better than being at home on a Monday night!”

Monday is my least favorite day of the week, as I’m sure it is for most people. It instills a sense of dread, sometimes even the “blues”. The workday goes by in a frantic blur, and the evenings are spent catching up on things I’m already behind on. Don’t judge – I know you’re living it too. Doing something that resembled a weekend activity on a Monday just felt good, and it made the week ahead look brighter. So, how about breaking up the monotony of your Monday routine and doing something different? Something spontaneous?

So go ahead, give your Monday some love. Watch a movie in the park, I dare you.

The Bryant Park Summer Film Festival is every Monday until August 20. The lawn opens at 5pm and movies begin at sunset. Check out their calendar for movie listings.

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  1. What an amazing experience!!!!! I've always wanted to do this of watching movies in a park or somewhere else outside!!!! following you now

  2. Thanks for visiting the blog and for following, Mariana! I will visit your blog too! :)

  3. wow looks great. I have never been to a park movie, always seen in movies.

    wud love to visit. U have a great blog



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