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Top NYC Summer Activity: MoMA Summer Concerts

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In my top 10 list of unique summertime activities in the city, MoMA PS1’s Warm Up 2012 is definitely up there. It’s an outdoor live music series held every Saturday during the summer at the MoMA PS1. Lest you become confused like I did, this is NOT the MoMa (Museum of Metropolitan Art) in Manhattan but the one in Long Island City. But don’t let that deter you – it’s just a quick subway ride to get to this museum in Queens. Upon arriving, you’re led into the courtyard of the museum where there’s a giant urban installation called Wendy. Beyond the installation, there’s a DJ playing what is called “experimental music”, a cryptic name for what is basically not mainstream music. Self-described as ethereal-lounge-eclectic, if that makes any sense. Regardless, the whole laidback vibe and relaxing music was refreshingly un-New York (I was almost reminded of my days in hippy Austin!).

Besides listening and dancing to the music, you can even venture inside the museum to admire the interesting art installations. Okay fine, maybe not admire but stare at blankly. Keep in mind that this is an abstract art museum. So don’t be alarmed if you’re befuddled by the meaning of a plain white canvas painting or millions of strewn colored confetti (I didn’t get it either). But perhaps, that's the whole point. In any case, the fusion of hazy beats, funky art, eclectic mix of people, and a slight wine-induced buzz at MoMA PS1 makes for a totally fun and novel weekend experience.

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  1. woahh, the concert looks fun. nice to find fellow Indian bloggers from DC :)


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