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Howdy Austin!

By October 19, 2012 , , ,

Top left to right: Taco Deli for the best breakfast tacos; spicy salsas and cheese brought back; University of Texas tower. Middle left to right: Drinks at Fado in downtown 4th St; the famous frog mural on campus; yummy taco truck. Bottom left to right: Cheers to Mexican martinis; overexposed face; Far West highway exit to my old apt

My weekend trip to Austin comprised of 3 basic activities: eating/drinking, catching up with old friends, and visiting old haunts (not necessarily in that order). It was a wonderful feeling to be back, revisiting familiar neighborhoods, hanging out at the ol’ watering hole, and driving through the college campus where I had spent so many years in grad school. I also loved being able to pick up where I left off with old friends, recounting old stories and laughing over old jokes. You know how it is...

Also on the list of things to do that weekend was a visit to Trudy’s, one of my favorite hangout spots. Not only are the food and drinks there out-of-this-world, but the place also holds sentimental value (it’s where I first met my husband - “Aww” moment!).

Speaking of food, the hubby and I ate Tex-Mex food like it was going out of style. You just can’t find Tex-Mex food better than Austin, which is why we miss it so much while living in New York. And man, how good are the Mexican Martinis! It’s a concoction that is just foreign to any place outside of Texas. I return back with warm, fuzzy feelings from Austin. Oh, and a few varieties of hot salsas and spicy habanero cheese!

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  1. Sounds like you had a really good time...I too have good old memories of Austin thanks to your hubby ;)

  2. Looks like you had real fun:):)

  3. spicy habanero cheese, sounds exotic! i can imagine this trip must be revisiting the student day hangouts and feeling all nostalgic..i did a same trip to WPI before moving to VA, its magical to be back to school place..

  4. Never been to Austin but it sounds like so much fun! Hope to get there someday and visit!


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