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Guest Post: Presidential Debates

By October 24, 2012 , , , , , ,

Well guys, yesterday marked the last of the Presidential Debates. While Urban Mantra doesn't usually post on "serious" topics of this nature, the Presidential Debates have definitely been a talking point for us. And indeed, they have certainly generated diverse, and often polarizing, reactions from the junta. Here's a little commentary I received from a friend who is an Obama supporter and actively involved in the re-election campaign.  
Feel free to comment below but please keep it civil. This blog is an open forum and the post reflects just one person's opinion (and not necessarily that of Urban Mantra).

I love presidential debates, and I particularly enjoyed this one.  President Obama came a long way from his lackluster performance during the first debate.  He knew this was his territory, his turf, and that nothing Governor Romney was going to say was going to take away from that. I was surprised with the manner in which the debate started given the heated exchange during the second debate.  It was calm and composed, but I suppose that's politics at its best.Governor Romney looked, for the most part, like a bully, obnoxiously attacking the president, speaking over the moderator, and trying his best to squeeze seconds for talking time.  It was infuriating to see that President Obama did not argue against Governor Romney's childlike tactics, especially that of speaking over and ignoring the moderator, but I suppose he had to conduct himself in a presidential manner.

The "horses and bayonets" comment stole the show. The President was confident and composed when delivering those lethal words that drove a basic point home. He was measured, yet effective in his attack of Romney.  I found it ironic that Romney complained of the President attacking him when he himself exemplified the very behavior throughout the presidential debates. Romney also seemed to contradict himself during the debate.  At first, he stated that the biggest threat to national security was the economy, then later suggested that it was a nuclear-capable Iran.  The President did a fantastic job of reiterating that the Romney's opinion/plan was consistently changing throughout the course of the campaign.
Both men conveniently turned foreign policy issues into domestic issues, which was expected. 

However, I think Romney wasted some time repeating some of what was said during the second debate.  He was idealistic in his vision of working with rogue regimes without necessary explaining how he would handle the situation. Also, who doesn't love teachers?  And, I laughed out so loud when he said he was in favor of the auto industry because, you know, his father headed a car company.  Right. That's why he can relate to the middle class. 
All in all, Governor Romney came across as a cry-baby, while the President exhibited himself as a true commander-in-chief.  I very much believed that the President won the debate. Then again, I may just be slightly biased. In the end, the debates gave us three B's: Big bird, binders, and bayonets.  Halloween costumes, anyone?

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