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Off to Thailand

By November 14, 2012 , , , ,

In just a few hours, the Urban Mantra sisters will be flying off to Thailand. It's our annual trip home and one that we eagerly look forward to. Going home to Bangkok where we were born and raised means quality time with the fam, being spoiled rotten with our mom making our favorite foods, gorging on authentic Thai food, entering a shopper's paradise, and getting some major R & R with shockingly inexpensive yet effective spa treatments. Yup, going home to Thailand is pretty much like a dream getaway (minus the long flight!).

We won't post anything on how we've packed for this trip (you can read about our travel tips here) simply because we take a largely empty suitcase when we go home. Why? Because we know from experience that we'll need space to bring back all the goodies we'll shop for! :)

Follow us over the next week or so as we capture our visit back home from a local's perspective - where we shop, eat, get massages, and all the other non-tourist trap stuff. There won't be any sight-seeing but, if you're ever planning to visit, we have a personal guide document that we would be happy to share.

New York and D.C. - we'll see you later. Right now, home is calling.

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  1. Have a great trip back home! I am also looking forward to my trip to visit family soon! :)

  2. I am little jealous of you girls right now. Have a great time with the family and looking forward to hear about your trip :) happy thanksgiving

    1. Thanks Dixya! We are definitely making the most of our time with family and other fun things! Hope you had a happy thanksgiving!


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