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Getting Around Bangkok

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It's been a day since we reached Bangkok, and it feels wonderful to be back home.  Considering we're here for a very short trip, we're trying to make the most of each day! Today, we were out and about in the city, and realized that we had taken 3 different modes of transport in the span of 3 hours! There are various options for getting around in a city as spread out as Bangkok. Here is a list of some of the most interesting and unique (not to mention fastest and most economical) ways to get around, some of which we took advantage of today (as you can see in the pictures!)

Bright and colorful in shades of bubblegum pink, orange, blue, and green, these vehicles are the most convenient way to get around and the price ain't bad either. But if you’re looking to get somewhere fast or during peak hours, beware! Taxis are prone to getting caught in the infamous Bangkok traffic.

The BTS skytrain is by far the most affordable and fastest way to get around. The only downside is that the skytrain network is still not as extensive and far reaching as it should be, and you often have to combine it with another mode of transport to make it to your final destination. However, it is still a sure fire way to make it to your appointment or dinner date in time!

The most badass way to get around, motorcycles are a great way to weave through busy streets and narrow alleys for relatively short distances. Plus, for just 15 to 20 baht, you get the cheap thrill of being on a motorbike! Hold on tight, though, as these motorcyclists can speed pretty fast!

Tuk Tuk
Tuk tuk is the Thai equivalent to an autorickshaw in India. You have to haggle with the prices as they are often hiked up for tourists and locals alike. These rides don’t provide any particular advantage over other modes of transport except for the thrill of being on a three-wheeler. We have fun childhood memories of riding on tuk tuks. How fun they were! Wheeee!!

Other Cheap Thrills
The newest member of the Bangkok transit network is the subway. These are just as cost- and time-efficient as the skytrains. On a totally difference "wavelength" are the water canals, or klong, boats. Bangkok is often referred to as the Venice of the East, with its klongs that connect various interiors of the city in ways that the roadworks don’t. Taking these ultra cheap boat rides can get you to your destination in a fast and unique way.

Hope this gives you an idea of how to best get around the city the next time you’re in Bangkok!

Colorful taxis; joyride on the klong boats; whimsical tuk tuk rides

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  1. looks like you r having a ball of a time! and you get time for blogging to? huh? how does that wokr ;))
    I did travel in Tuk-tuk aka rickshaw in bangkok, one fun ride that was :) and sky trains r so polished and well maintained. you r right about the traffic, I did get stuck once..but well thats true for every big city, nai? enjoy your time at home :)

    1. Hi Ashy! Yes, we did indeed have a ball of a time! Time for blogging happened when we were up at odd hours of the night due to jetlag! Hahah :)

  2. So you can hail a motorcycle ride on the street? How does that work?

    1. Hey Maree, yup pretty much...there are these motorcycle drivers in uniform so you can tell who they are..and you just hail them like you hail a cab! :)


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