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Flowers in the Spring

By April 05, 2013 , , , ,

Living in the heart of midtown Manhattan has its benefits – I have tons of shopping destinations at my finger tips, not least of all Macy’s. Every spring, the “world’s biggest store, as Macy’s likes to call itself, holds a flower show. Huge tents are set up directly outside of Macy’s with beautiful plant and flower displays inside. I know – it sounds kind boring. What’s so mind-blowing about flowers? I mean, they’re pretty but do I really need to go to a flower show to see them? Well, at least that was my thinking for the past 3 years and that’s why I never went. But honestly, when this flower show happens literally in your backyard and it’s free, you really have no excuse not to go. So this year, I decided to finally check it. So what did I think?

This year, the Macy’s Flower Show had a South Asian theme and was called “A Painted Garden”. Upon entering, I was transported into a world of vibrant foliage where flowers bloomed and the air was warm. Jesus, I had forgotten what flowers can look like in this seemingly endless winter. Everything seemed fresh and vibrant, not dead and frozen like the city outside. Flowers of all shapes, sizes, varieties, and species! I saw orchids, callalillies, African violets, roses, tulips, and other names of flowers and plants I can’t pronounce. It was a reminder of the spring and summer that is yet to come. Yes, this flower naysayer came out a flower lover. What's more, Iwas impressed by the level of detail and effort that was placed into making the South Asian theme convincing and realistic. They had statues of a chubby and cheerful Lord Ganesha and a giant elephant adorned with garlands, passageways lined with Mughal style architecture, and a corner where they replicated a market scene complete with fruits, spices, and other wares. The whole walk-through took only 5 or 10 minutes but it was certainly a pleasant distraction from the hustle and bustle of the world outside.

The Flower Show continues through April 7 so be sure to check it out before the flowers wilt away!


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  1. Gosh..i love the pics..especially the cute Ganesha idol. n the flower decoration is out of this world.

    New Post Up

  2. How are you my dear! These photos are gorgeous, the flowers are beautiful!

  3. That looks amazing! It transported me back to the market scenes back home :)

  4. Beautiful :)
    I guess I missed all the flora that Manhattan has to offer, bacause I was there in winter!

    Love it.

    Shubhi's Revels!

  5. I had a really great time at this Flower Show!


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