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Hello from Bangkok!

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Last Friday, I boarded a plane in NYC on a cool spring night...22 hours later, I found myself in hot and humid Bangkok on a Sunday morning (somewhere in the space-time continuum, I lost a Saturday). Aside from the brief disorientation from jet lag (which explains why I'm awake and blogging right now when I should be sleeping), boy does it feel good to be home! Coming to Bangkok is always a treat - indulgence in Thai and home-cooked Indian food that I just can't get anywhere else, quality massages, facials, and other spa treatments that are so inexpensive that you can afford to get one every day, shopping you'll go ga-ga over, and lots of time with family and relatives. It's going to be a short, whirlwind trip for me this time but I look forward to making the most of it.

Coming to Bangkok has definitely made me skip spring and put me in a summer state of mind. These are pictures taken by the pool in my apartment building. Can you tell just how bright and sunny it is outside? I was literally doing a happy dance as I reached for my summer maxi dress, hat, flipflops, and sunglasses! Along with the warm breeze and the palm trees in the backdrop, all that was missing was a jump in the pool...which I did soon after these pictures were taken. :)

Happy Monday y'all! Have a great week ahead!

F21 dress, Nine West purse, Piperlime bead necklace, Target hat and bracelets, flip flops from Bangkok

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  1. love love love your dress. enjoy Bangkok


  2. I have a lot of family in Bangkok so have visited it several times...however, the last visit happened many years ago so am dying to go there again - just for the shopping alone:) facials and massages sound good too!

    Love your dress-necklace combo:)

    1. You definitely need to make a trip back to Thailand soon then! Thanks for your comments!

  3. Have fun in Bangkok!! Love this maxi - I just saw a striped one and have a mind to buy it, I hope it looks half as good as yours! You look fab! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  4. Very pretty! I will actually be making my first trip to Thailand this summer. We will be visiting Bangkok and Phuket. What local spas and restaurants to you reccomend in Bangkok?

  5. Love ur dress..u look so pretty.



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