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Tropical Getaway

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What do you get when you combine a very floral blazer with sunny weather? A tropical getaway! Something about this combination just screams "chilling by the beach while sipping coconut water straight from the coconut" (as ridiculous as that sounds). And while that certainly wasn't feasible in the midst of bustling Bangkok city, imagining that I could made all the difference.

I'm typically one who hates florals - one, it drudges up horrific memories of bad fashion choices with florals in middle school and two, it reminds me of something grandmas would wear. But as with many of us, if you see something often enough on others, it grows on you. And so, after many many years, I now find myself with a floral piece back in my closet. I'm slowly warming up to the idea. Not sure if I can do floral pants yet...baby steps, you know? So please be kind. :)

P.S. - This is Urban Mantra's 100th post! Yay! :)

F21 blazer, white tank & jeans from Bangkok, bead bracelets from Target, silver cluster ring from India, Coach clutch, no name sunnies

Bangkok Travel Tip: Check out Amaranth Skin Care & Spa. I went there for a facial the other day and it was DIVINE! The facial included a series of seaweed, herbal, and cucumber face masks along with an uber relaxing hot stone massage. I walked out floating in the air after it was over. $27 (800 baht) for an hour and a half? You can't argue with that.

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  1. Congratulations on your 100th post! You look fabulous, as always!! I can't wait till I get to go to Thailand. Hopefully, soon!!

    Stilettos & Sequins

  2. First of all congratulations on the century! It must be an absolutely great feeling - 100 posts down. I am so happy to see that it's an outfit post! You have styled that blazer purrrfectly! and I have the same blue bracelet from Target (should we say, great minds shop alike ;))
    Enjoy your vacay home, I can't wait to start mine now :)

  3. Congratulations...wow..such an achievement. I'm close to a 100 too..excited. Really enjoying ur blog..this post is lovely..love the blazer n ur looking stunning..also enjoyed ur thoughts on crossfit...someday I'll try it. Thanks n love

  4. Wow, 100th post!! Congrats! That's a great milestone. You look great in this look.


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