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Bangkok Food Diaries

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Pad thai
 A wise person once said, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food”. I couldn’t agree more. Being back in New York now after my whirlwind trip to Thailand, I’m suffering from all sorts of withdrawal symptoms. Food is one of them. 

When I visit home, I make sure to check my diet at the door and embrace all the culinary delights that my mother’s kitchen and Bangkok has to offer. At home, my mother spoils me with all my favorite home-made Indian dishes and desserts. And while out and about in the city, I’m a veritable “food butterfly”, hopping from one Thai food stall to the next! Undoubtedly, among the things I miss while living here in the States is the authentic Thai food made with the freshest of herbs and ingredients. What’s more, the boring apple and banana is soon forgotten for the more exciting varieties of tropical fruits bursting with flavor, such as pommelo, mangosteen, dragonfruit, lychees, longans, jackfruit, durian, rose apple, coconut, mangoes, and papaya. Even though my gastronomical experience in Bangkok often results in overindulgence, I always return from my trips feeling healthier and more refreshed. Somehow, it’s easy to let go of the all-too-common habit of reaching for soda, processed foods, carbs, and sweets that I typically have while living in the US. 

As I sit here missing all the foods I enjoyed just last week on the other side of the world, allow me to share my Bangkok food diaries with you. Try not to drool too much!

Fresh fruit juices of all kinds
Intricate fruit carvings from papaya, watermelon, and cantaloupe
Have you ever tried dragonfruit?
These are not actual fruits but Thai sweets made to appear like miniature fruits and vegetables
Who can resist cupcakes?
Pad khee mao (drunken noodles) and yam thua phu (tangy green bean salad)
Thai crepe-like snacks

 Tell us, what is your favorite Thai dish? And what type of food do you miss most when you're away from home? We wanna know! 

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  1. I love mostly all vegetarian dishes. Papaya Salad is my favorite though (:

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  2. I m loving all ur bangkok posts..though i have been to thailand b4..i did not experience it the way you have put it down..but nxt time when i go..m definitely shooting u an email for tips.


    1. Definitely! Next time you go to Thailand, let us know and we'll tell you how to make the most of your trip! :)



  3. The Thai sweets shaped like vegetables were adorable!

  4. I so wanna eat those miniature fruits like sweets!! :P And the cupcakes...can't stop staring them *_* Loved your Bangkok diaries :))

    Makeup, Style and Sugar.

  5. Everything looks so lush like you'd pick it up from a tropical paradise. So you don't get these out there in US? sad......
    Amazing post and i loved all the pics.


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