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Spring Cleaning

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I recently went through a cleaning spree of my apartment. People who visit my apartment exclaim at how neatly everything is kept, so they roll their eyes when I say I need to clean. While I might not be a messy person, I do tend hold on to things longer than I need to. I realized this when I recently discovered a pair of pants from my college days (they still fit – woohoo)! This prompted me to dig deeper into my closet (and find some gems and not-so-gems from years past) and finally make the decision to purge some of my clothes and shoes.

Rules of Closet Cleaning

This checklist I discovered on Pinterest provided me with my spring cleaning mantra. For me, the most important question from this list is whether I use a clothing item regularly. I found that the answer was no for a large number of clothes I own. I had outgrown some clothes in both personal style and size. Others were tops I thought I could carry off but just can’t. As difficult as it was, I put these in the Donation pile. When it came to shoes, I ultimately parted with 17 pairs! Getting rid of so many was daunting, but was much needed! Many of them were cute, but frayed at the soles or not practical for the office or walking around DC. I think I was hoping some shoe fairies would come fix them at night….Alas that did not happen!

While the closet cleaning process was time-consuming, I felt so accomplished at the end. I now have a more organized closet and more space….which I can fill with all the new clothes I buy! :)

Do YOU periodically clean your closet? What is the hardest thing for you to part with?

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  1. Although I do clean and organize my closet regularly, the toughest part for me would be definitely maintaining it......especially on a long day.. i just tend to reach home and throw everything on the floor. :P

    BTW ...great list.thanks for sharing..
    Following you on GFC...hope you will follow back :)


    1. Thanks for visiting our blog Manali! Will definitely follow back!


  2. I love & am obsessed with cleaning! Although I am always making sure my wardrobe and cupboards are always tidy and neatly stacked I will get the urge to once in a while dedicate a week to cleaning so that I clean to get rid of unecessary stuff.

    In general I find it hard to part with clothes purely because I have that 'what was I thinking?' moment and I think about how I wasted money. I keep all my shoes and get rid of them when they are not comfortable to wear any more or have become really old.

    Happy cleaning!


    1. That's great, Janey! It's always good to keep up with closet cleaning and organizing. I don't think I do it often enough! :)


  3. I cleaned my wardrobe a few weeks ago, and gave away so many items. I realised I was just hoarding them over all these years. but the toughest part was footwear..i mean its so tough to part with those who look perfectly fine..but have worn off frm the heels! :(
    but now..my wardrobe looks much better..n has space for more shopping. :)


    1. Totally agree with you, Aditi! Toughest part is footwear! But congrats on being able to do it...I'm sure it feels nice to declutter your closet and make room for new things! :)

  4. i have a love-hate relationship with spring cleaning - I want to hold on to few things but I know I dont need it but once the donation pile leaves the house, its a relief to see little bit more organized closet. Shoes are the hardest I agree. I have learned to keep only fixed number of hangers in my closet and everytime I buy a top or something - I try to donate something old that I really dont need and its helping me alot. Its hard but I am trying.

  5. Girl, you are so lucky to have something fit you from college!! I'd kill to get back into those jeans. I love this post as I love keeping everything organized and clean but I am far from it.


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