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To the Land of the Midnight Sun!

By June 07, 2013 , , ,

Hi guys! As you're reading this, Shruti and I are probably en route to the Land of the Midnight Sun...Yup, Norway! We are going on a week long cruise along the coast of Norway, starting from the city of Bergen and ending at Kirkenes. We're looking forward to what should be a feast for the eyes. Norway is celebrated for its breathtaking fjords, wildlife, and natural beauty. Along the cruise, we'll be passing the Artic Circle, the northern most point of mainland Europe, and the Russian border. And indeed, true to its moniker, we shall be seeing the midnight sun (in the summers, the sun never sets below the horizon).

Check back for a couple scheduled posts coming up next week while we're away. And of course, you can always follow our travel adventures on instagram (@richat81). Farvel, folks! (That's Norweign for "goodbye").:)

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  1. WOW..hope u guys have fun.!
    look forward to ur travel posts.


  2. have a great time there ladies <3

  3. Have a great time Richa! I'm VERY jealous!!

  4. Wow..such a great vacation destination!! Have fun!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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