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Make A Statement With Your Brooch

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Statement jewelry - we’re all familiar with the idea of using it to add spice to an understated outfit or to increase the glam factor to a fancy get-up…whether it’s an eye-catching necklace, cocktail ring, bracelet, or earrings. But amidst all these different types of baubles, the poor brooch has been forgotten. Many of us consider the brooch to be an old-fashioned piece of jewelry, something reminiscent of our grandmother’s generation. I’m here to tell you that this is not the case! The little brooch is getting a revival of sorts. It’s back as an accessory on women’s dresses and blazers, reminding us of the elegance or quirkiness it can bring to an outfit (just take a look at First Lady Michelle Obama!). And what’s more, the brooch is probably the most versatile piece of jewelry you can own. You’d be surprised by the innumerable ways that one can use it or wear it! How, you ask? Well, dear reader, you’re about to find out!

With your clothes
There is, of course, the classic approach of pinning a brooch to the top-half of your dress, shirt, or blazer. But how about adding a modern twist to it? You can transform a dress that is cinched at the waist by pinning a brooch to the side. To inject casual elegance into your daily wear, try wearing a brooch as a button that fastens your cardigan, adding it to the knot of your scarf, or even decorating your hat!

There are ways to get even more creative -- Wear an oversized brooch that will truly make a statement (for example, as seen here). Another idea is to wear several brooches at once on your blazer with a devil-may-care attitude. A recent trend is to pin several brooches of similar style and color along the neckline of your dress to create the illusion of a necklace (check out this gorgeous piece here).

With your accessories
Who says brooches only belong on clothing? You can even personalize your accessories with a brooch. Attach your favorite brooch to a necklace or bracelet to create more visual interest and detail to your jewelry. Give new life to your old, plain purse by pinning on a fun brooch (or brooches). Do something unexpected and add a quirky brooch to your belt. The possibilities are endless!

In your hair
Nothing says ooh-la-la like a sparkly brooch added to an updo, side ponytail, or headband. A brooch in the shape of a flower or a butterfly can create a feminine and romantic look to your hairstyle without the need for fancy hair accessories!
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