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Big Announcement

By July 07, 2013 , , , , , , ,

How MIA have I been lately? VERY. With all the travels I've had this year so far (Miami, Chicago, DC, Thailand, and Norway!), the blog seems to have taken a backseat. Admittedly, that's not the main reason that the blog has suffered a bit. On the personal front, my life is about to change in a dramatic way. If it hasn't been obvious from how I look in my Instagram pics, it will be when you see my pictures below....

I've debated how and when to share this news on the blog. Telling friends and family in real life is one thing but to announce it on a public forum such as a blog is quite another. I wasn't sure how comfortable I was - call it Indian superstition or whatever. But the blog has always served as my platform for capturing and sharing important events in my life. And so, it's with a great sense of joy and excitement that I share the news that I'm expecting! 

I'm already in my third trimester at this point - 29 weeks along! How do I feel? I feel excited. I feel love. I feel scared. I feel overwhelmed. I feel fat. I feel beautiful. I feel hungry (A LOT). But basically, I take each day at a time...reveling in this time of my life when I can still do whatever I want pre-baby, experiencing the joys and trials of the pregnancy itself, and preparing for when the baby will come into the world and turn it all around in a different yet wonderful way.

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  1. YAY!!! I have to say I had a feeling when all your photos recently have had your hand in front of your stomach - I had an inkling but now it's official!!! congrats!

  2. Awww, that's so wonderful, cherish these few months for yourself because you are going to need all that time before the baby comes out. and get a videocamera ready :) click a lot of pictures, you can assign a family member to do so because the first few months, years are so precious and you will be so happy you got pictures to look back upon. take care

  3. congratulations :) :) so excited for you please keep sharing your experience.

  4. Thanks for all your warm wishes, everyone! Really appreciate it! :)


  5. Omg..congrats girl..u look so pretty.


  6. Congratulations :) You look really sweet in the first pic.



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