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Indian Designs for Everyday Wear

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With the globalization of our society, the intermingling of different cultures and customs is becoming all more the norm. This is definitely true with the ever-increasing presence of Indian culture in the US. It started first with a greater awareness and understanding of different Indian customs (heck, even my Citibank tellers in DC wished me Happy Diwali and offered me kaju barfi sweets last year!) and the increasing screen presence of Indian dance on popular TV shows, such as So You Can Think You Can Dance. Now, Indian-inspired designs are making a presence in American fashion as well.
Clockwise from Top: Paisley Top, Kaju Barfi at Citibank, Indian Kurti
Gone are the days where I had to reserve Indian clothes for just our festivals and visiting the temple! Now I like to add an essence of "desi-ness" to my everyday wardrobe with the ever-increasing interest in and availability of kurtis and Indian-inspired tunics. Did you know that paisleys, which are seen in tops and dresses these days originated in India? Indian prints and beaded designs can be spotted almost everywhere, from Forever 21 to Zara.  Kurtis are certainly a very diverse piece of attire – they can be worn with jeans, paired with tights, or worn by themselves with a belt if long enough.

I’ve collected quite an assortment of kurtis over the years, some from India and Thailand, and some from stores right here in the US. When colorful, I like to pair these tunics with simple black leggings, but if I’m trying to play it up, I wear Indian-inspired bangles or earrings, which you can also get at your local Forever 21!
Pairing a tunic with tights in Spain!

A casual Indian-inspired tunic paired with a belt and jeans

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  1. Ohhh I love your take on a kurti! I don't own many, well just 1 and I've been wearing the heck out of it since its hot! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

    1. Just visited your blog and saw a post of you wearing a white tunic - you look fab! :)

  2. I love kurtis too..they r so versatile.
    U look gorgeous ladies.

    New Post Up

    1. Yes, they are indeed so versatile! And living in India, you get so many more styles and varieties!

  3. you are making them look so cool i look horrible!

    1. Thanks Dixya! I'm sure you look lovely in kurtis too! :)


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