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Dressing Up That Baby Bump!

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Now that I’m almost 8 months into my pregnancy (the post where I first shared the news here), I can say with a fair amount of experience that shopping for clothes while pregnant is a pain in the tush! The initial four months were easy enough because I hadn’t gotten that big (“the barely there bump”). Months five to six started to get trickier but I still managed (“the cabbage-sized bump”). Months seven and eight have gotten increasingly more challenging (“the “giant watermelon bump”). Looking fashionable while pregnant is hard work, y’all! The problem I’m facing is that I absolutely dislike what I see in the maternity stores – the clothes are often overpriced ($150 for a pair of maternity jeans? Really?), ugly or ill-ftting, or too focused on accentuating the baby bump to the point of tackiness. And believe me, I’ve checked out a lot of maternity stores to explore my options!

So what’s a mama-to-be to do? Well, I have basically taken to finding my own solutions. I don’t believe in spending a bomb on clothes that I’ll only be wearing for a few months. Instead, I’ve chosen to create looks using what I already have in my closet (granted that only 10% of my clothes fit me right now!) and buying pieces from stores I usually frequent - Zara, F21, H&M, Old Navy (not a huge fan of their maternity clothes except for their maternity skinny jeans), and Joe Fresh, to name a few. My tactic has been to buy clothes from these stores that are a couple sizes larger but that still fit decently well. Skirts with elastic waistbands, maxi dresses, and loose flowy tops have become my go-to pieces, allowing me to be comfortable without (hopefully) looking too frumpy. Later, I expect to incorporate these pieces into my post-pregnancy closet as well.

Here are some of my looks over the past few months. I will be sharing more of my pregnancy fashion adventures in future posts so keep checking back! :)

Left: At 4 months, wearing a loose Zara top and an Express skirt with elastic waistband (original post here); Right: At 4 months, wearing a maxi dress from F21 (original post here)
Left: At 5 months, during my trip to Miami (original post here); Middle: At 6 months, with the hubby on trip to Norway; Right: Most recent picture at 7 months (original post here)

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  1. Congrats! You hid the bump so well (;

    1. Thanks Tanvi! Wasn't trying to hide it on purpose, haha :)

  2. Congratulations! Your baby bump is so discrete, yet beautiful at the same time. You really know how to dress that bump!

  3. U look soo gorgeous..n u did a realy good job with hiding ur bump. i cud have never guessed. i loved this post, and cant wait for the upcoming ones.
    Keep glowing. :)

    New Post Up

    1. Thanks Aditi - you're so sweet! Really appreciate your comments! :)


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