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Baby Shower

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"Save the Date" invitations sent out in the shape of a boarding pass
I had my baby shower about a week ago. All I knew was that it was to take place on a Saturday afternoon. My sister and some dear friends handled the rest of it - everything from sending out the invitations (I just provided the guest list), planning the theme, figuring out a venue to setting up decorations. Being a bit of a micromanager and someone who can't help but get involved in planning things, it was really difficult for me to just take a step back and have everyone do the rest. Ever since the baby shower planning had started, I would keep asking Shruti, "So, how's the planning going? Do you need help? Is everything under control?" Luckily, she just chose to ignore me and as you can see from the pictures below...everything came together beautifully and I had the BEST time!
Left: Nails painted different shades of blue. Right: Baby pictures of myself and my husband along with books for the baby (Dr. Suess and a Thai lullaby book)
The venue was a surprise for me. I was led to believe it was taking place somewhere indoors. My husband was in on the scheme as well. As he accompanied me in the cab to what I thought was the baby shower venue, he made up some excuse about having to pick up something from a friend's place first. Well, that the venue ended up being at that friend's outdoor terrace! Everyone yelled "Surprise!" when I arrived, and then the party started! I loved the theme that Shruti and my friends came up with - all about travel to different countries. Given how much my husband and I enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures and are constantly planning our next trip, the idea was perfectly appropriate! The cake pictured a cute little baby sitting on a globe with the words "Arriving First Class". The party favors were adorable luggage tags in the shape of sandals, and the food was from different countries (Indian, Thai, Mexican, and Italian). I also received the baby's first books to start his reading collection - for example, Dr. Suess's "Oh The Places You'll Go". How apt! Even the games were centered around the theme of travel, languages, countries, etc. I was so genuinely touched by all the little details that the party planners thought of and the work they put into planning this. I'm so happy I got to enjoy a special occasion in the company of amazing people on a beautiful summer day outdoors.

Perhaps my days of traveling might be put on hold for a while...but hopefully, not for too long. This baby's gonna be a globe-trotter, if I can help it!

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  1. WOW..such a cool party. U r a lucky gal Richa..but i guess the baby is luckier. Touch wood n god bless.



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