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Fun Ways To Do Up Your Home

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It’s been just a couple weeks since we moved into our new apartment. Now that the painful part of unpacking is over, I’m loving the process of decorating our new home. That’s the fun part – deciding how to do up each room and in what color palette, figuring out where to put wall hangings or artfully place accent pieces, etc. While my nesting instincts are clearly in overdrive, I’m being mindful of setting up the new place without breaking the bank. In my quest to find home furnishings and home d├ęcor on a budget, I have managed to discover some pretty cool websites selling amazing items. If you've been feeling a bit bored of your space lately and are thinking of sprucing things up, perhaps these websites might be of use to you too.

Here are a few items I’m lusting after and the online stores that can help me achieve the desired look:

(Clockwise from the top)
1. Accent rugs: Nothing turns a room around like an accent rug. A rug with a bold color or design has the power to transform a room and really anchor all the furniture pieces into one cohesive look. Check out RugsUSA.com for some great deals on rugs on all shapes and sizes. I found one identical to the one pictured above here.

2. Framed typography: Don't you love those quirky sayings that end up being framed as wall art? The framed typography art just adds that extra oomph and personality to a room, whether it's in your office space, kitchen, or propped against your living room bookcase. I recommend BeHappy.me for their plethora of cute, snarky, romantic, and philosophical statements that can be framed into a pretty piece of art. What's more, you get to choose from a variety of background colors and frame sizes. Check out one of my favorite pieces from their website here.

3. Home accents: I really like Lulu and Georgia for their trendy home decorative pieces. You'll find all sorts of home accents and accessories to satisfy any kind of look you're going for in a room, whether it's "glamorous, bohemian chic, vintage eclectic or cutting edge", as they put it!

4. Decorative mirrors: I just love mirrors and what they can do to a room. Indeed, they have the dual functionality of providing you with a reflection of your wonderful self and creating the feeling of space in a room! I'm a big believer of feng shui so I'm really mindful of where to place the mirror - you want to situate it in a place which will reflect back positive things. Who can deny the slew of options from Overstock.com? I love these animal print mirrors available from their website. Aren't they funky? You can also find some unique things on Etsy. I discovered one particular vendor who collects vintage mirrors and paints them in bright, eye-catching colors. Check out what they have to offer here.

5. Vintage bottles: I've always been intrigued by the idea of collecting vintage-looking bottles and vases of different colors, like those pictured above, and displaying them along a window sill. The sunlight filtering in through the bottles can create such a pretty, ethereal look. I made a happy discovery of LunaBazaar.com for vintage glass bottles and vases for amazing prices!

6. Candleholders: Now that our apartment is just a bit bigger and can actually accommodate a dining table, I'm exciting by the idea of creating a dining table centerpiece. I think these candleholders would be a great way to add drama to a dining table (especially a cheap dining table purchased from IKEA!). I stumbled upon Joss and Main and really love the furniture and home decor items they have to offer. I found a very similar set of candleholders from their website here as the ones pictured in the collage above.

Of course, the baby room is a totally different project in and of itself! The best way to do up a baby room on a budget? Wall decals, y'all! They're such a great idea - so easy to put up and so many options of designs that you can get from almost any website or store, be it Target, Amazon, Overstock, etc.

All images courtesy of Pinterest.

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  1. lovely pictures. decorating with vintage bottles is one of fav dining table centerpiece. Its just gives it a lot of character. And yes framed typography collected over years from places of visit is so much fun

  2. I love this post and congrats on moving to a new space. it's so exciting :)

    1. Thank you! yes, it is exciting to move to a new apartment! :)

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  4. Nice post Richa! I also just read this apartment therapy post that I thought you might find interesting! The photos have all the elements you describe! :)

  5. Love these ideas! The nursery wall is just wonderful! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  6. That is such a fantastic post.
    Love the chevron rug.

    New Post Up

  7. Love these ideas ! Will try them out :D
    xoxo <3


  8. Thanks for this info! Looking forward to using it for our new place =)


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