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Gone With The Wind

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Ever seen those Bollywood movies where the sultry heroine enters the scene with a soft breeze strategically blowing at her glossy mane and sari? (Think Sushmita Sen in Main Hoon Na with her hair and sari fluttering in the breeze, even inside a classroom, setting Shah Rukh Khan's heart aflutter). Sadly, that's just the stuff of movies because reality paints a far less glamorous picture. It was a cold and blustery day when we decided to take these photos and no matter which way we stood, it was a lost cause...the wind was out to get us and make a bird's nest out of our hair!

In other news, our obsession with colored pants continues (see earlier post here). I've owned a pair of black jeggings from Uniqlo for a while, but a recent trip to the flagship store on Fifth Avenue allowed me to discover a whole new variety of colors - blue, red, pink, olive, brown, army green, purple, and many more. (On a side note, if you're ever in NYC and plan to go shopping, a visit to the flagship store of Uniqlo is a must. It's a huge store with bright, colorful displays and great prices for closet essentials). We went for a simple look here, pairing a white top with pants and accessories from the same color family. Richa has paired her white top with purple jeggings, while I wore an embellished peplum top with olive-colored jeggings.

H&M blouse, Zara necklace, Uniqlo jeggings, Target booties, clutch and silver cluster ring from India
F21 embellished peplum top, earrings and bracelet from India, Gujju clutch from Crazy & Co

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  1. I know exactly what I mean! you know with the wind and all..drives me crazy..its hard to smile when your hair is flying all over and covering your damn face.

    You sisters are so pretty! love both looks.

    Cactus and Cucumber

  2. What a beautiful pair..!
    Sophisticated elegance personified..u girls look smashing. With or without wind..u look perfect.

    New Post Up


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