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Diwali Greetings

By November 04, 2013 , ,

The warm glow of diyas,
The fragrance of fresh flowers,
The joy of good wishes,
With which we are showered,

The excitement of receiving
A gift or a token small,
The sumptuous sweets,
That are relished by all,

Prayers from the heart,
For happiness and good health,
Then perhaps a bit of gambling,
With the hope of some wealth,

An occasion for festivities,
With family and friends alike,
Such is Diwali,
Our festival of lights!

Shruti and I celebrated Diwali (the Indian New Year) at a friend's place this weekend. As always, it was fun getting dressed up in our ethnic Indian outfits. Of course, no Diwali celebration is complete without an elaborate meal. Indeed, there were ample food and drinks to be had, and we were only too happy to let go of our self-control and gorge on the goodies (eat now, exercise later, I always say!). It was a fun night of card games, laughing over silly jokes, and also seriously reflecting on what we're all thankful for. This year, Diwali is extra special because we got to spend it with our mom who's in town and because there is a little addition to the family. :)

What are you thankful for this Diwali? Hope everyone enjoyed their Diwali weekend!

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  1. Both of you look great! I love your write up too... am already missing diwali.. haha!



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