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Spring in December

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December is the one month when Bangkokians get respite from the heat and humidity with balmy, spring-like weather. Shruti and I were just hanging out and soaking in the sun last week when we were visiting home, so we kept our look ultra casual. Very few accessories, just a pair of sunglasses and high contrast colors to make a statement. Shruti wore a maxi dress that combines black & white stripes with a lovely shade of turquoise. Meanwhile, I paired a black flare skirt with a printed tee (Don’t mind the pasty white legs - I’m working on my tan after months of covering them in the chilly weather in NYC!). These are easy, simple looks that work for this kind of weather. But you could refashion these outfits for the winters as well - just layer the maxi dress with a cropped jacket and scarf. For the skirt and tee combo, just add tights, boots, and a faux fur vest to complete the look.

Hope you're enjoying your December weather, wherever you happen to be!

Maxi dress from MBK Shopping Mall (Bangkok), Oscar de la Renta sunglasses
Tee from Terminal 21 (Bangkok), H&M flare skirt, Fendi sunglasses

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  1. Beautiful! Love the maxi. Swimming pool looks so inviting.
    Envious of the warm Thai weather - compared to the freezing sub-zero temps where I am!

    1. Thanks so much! :) Come join us in Thailand and get away from the cold! :)

  2. wow i am in love with the maxi dress. both of you look stunning. great post!

  3. Richa u look fab. n i love Shruti's Maxi dress.
    I so wanna visit MBK mall right now.



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