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Top Bollywood Songs of 2013: Easy Listening Mix

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With the holidays fast approaching, this time of year can be quite hectic. There are deadlines to meet at work as you finish off your last few projects for the year, gifts to be bought amid crowded stores, and Christmas and New Year’s plans to be made with family and friends. While exciting, it can also be stressful, making it all the more necessary to take time to unwind. I find listening to soothing music while cooking (or drinking a glass of wine) to do the trick for me. What easy listening tracks are on my playlist? While there are a ton of choices, Bollywood drummed up some great songs this year. Here are some of my top choices from this year’s Bollywood easy listening tracks to unwind after a crazy day.

1) Meethi Boliyaan (Kai Po Che)

This entire movie has a great soundtrack but this song is especially soothing to listen to. Reminiscent of fun times with friends, the song and video takes you back to the good ole childhood days. I’m sure we all have memories of crazy times with our friends, and the shenanigans in this song make me miss mine even more!

2) Tum Tak (Raanjhanaa)

The movie was horrendous and this track is the single good thing to come out of it. It’s a beautiful song about a boy’s unrequited love, describing how his happiness and sadness, highs and lows all revolve around the girl. It’s got a great beat that also makes it good for dancing (now how often does that happen with an easy listening track?).

3) Manmarziyan (Lootera)

The actress in this movie, Sonakshi Sinha, repeatedly comes in crass comedies that have little role for the female lead. This movie is the first one where she had a sizable role and received acclaim for her acting chops. But I was disappointed to see that despite having a meaty role, she again played a weak female betrayed in a big way by the male lead. I’m sick of the damsel in distress mentality…but qualms aside, I do love the lilting, somewhat pensive, tune of this song!

4) Mera Yaar (Bhaag Milka Bhaag)

Bhaag Milka Bhaag was a movie with great potential but not even Farhan Akhtar's solid performance could save this needlessly drawn out flick. The soundtrack was pitifully mediocre as well but one song stood out. Mera Yaar is a song with minimal use of musical instruments and beatboxing in the background. The rough yet strong voice of the singer takes center stage, likening his love to God. Lyrics such as, "Why should I go to the temple...why should I go to the mosque...when my love is here?" are quietly powerful.

What other songs from 2013 would you add to this list?

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  1. I cannot get over the soundtrack of Aashiqui 2 out of my head. Love every single song. I think it was the best album of 2013. Another fav. is the Lootera album. Currently loving "Main rang sharbaton ka' from Phata poster. (:

  2. I actually thought about adding one of the songs from Aashiqui 2 to the list but then forgot somehow! Yes, that movie has some good tracks! Will have to listen to the song from Phata Poster. Thanks Tanvi!


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