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Singapore: A Jaunt Through Little India

By February 20, 2014 , , , ,

I've been in Singapore for a little over two weeks now and, in that time, I have roamed Orchard Road like nobody's business. For those not in the know, Orchard Road is a long stretch of road lined with numerous high end malls and shopping plazas. Filled with the hustle and bustle of locals, expats, and tourists alike, Orchard Road is definitely the heart of the city. I liken it to New York's Time Square and Fifth Avenue rolled into one. But while it's nice to ogle at the fancy stores with fashionable items on display, after a while I start to crave something else...something a little less acultural. By that, I mean something that offers a more unique, less touristy experience. Enter Little India. A veritable city within a city, Little India is overflowing with restaurants, stores selling Indian goods, old colonial style buildings, and eye-catching temples. Little India is largely occupied by South Indians but is frequented by Singaporeans, Malays, Indonesians, and many other peoples. An afternoon jaunt through this ethnic neighborhood led to a scrumptious meal of idli-dosas on a banana leaf and a glimpse of a place chockfull of culture and history.
A paper-thin dosa served with 5 different curries (sambars) on a banana leaf at Komala Vilas 
You can't enjoy this meal without getting your hands dirty!
Local stores selling their fruits, vegetables, and other goods
Colonial style architecture of old buildings and local shops
The prettiest, most colorful building I've ever seen!
Makeshift restaurants along small alleys

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